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The timely preventive examination helps to reveal gynecological diseases and deviations in the development of reproductive function in girls.

Without a gynecological examination, congenital pathologies or inflammatory diseases cannot be ruled out.

What is a pediatric gynecologist?

Each girl can face problems of the reproductive system – pediatric gynecologists deal with them. Contact a gynecologist if:

  • the occurrence of secondary sexual characteristics up to 8 years or their absence after 11-12 years;
  • damage to the genitals;
  • the absence of menstruation by 13-14 years;
  • irregular, painful, excessively heavy periods;
  • vaginal discharge, irritation in the genital area;
  • increased facial hair growth.

Ignoring these symptoms leads to dangerous, irreversible results – impaired reproductive function, hormonal changes. A visit to a pediatric gynecologist should become the norm, as well as examinations by other doctors.

What is the examination by a pediatric gynecologist?

A gynecologist performs examination in the presence of one of the parents. The doctor will examine the chest and external genitalia. If pathologies are detected, the gynecologist, with the permission of the parent, examines the internal genital organs using a baby's vaginal mirror or vaginoscope. If necessary, ultrasound of the pelvic organs, blood and urine tests, hormonal profile, bacterial culture are prescribed. Only a doctor can make a diagnosis and determine the treatment method. Make an appointment with the pediatric gynecologist at “ON Clinic Poltava” at any convenient time, round the clock by phone or by leaving an application on the website.

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