X-ray in Dnipro

Radiography is an accessible and informative method for examining internal organs, soft tissues, joints and bones.

The main advantages of radiography are high accuracy (the slightest changes in the structure or size of the organ are visible on the radiographic image) and the minimum list of contraindications.


In most cases, radiography does not require preliminary preparation, and the examination result can be obtained immediately after its completion.

In what cases is radiography prescribed?

Radiography is prescribed for quick and accurate diagnostics of diseases of internal organs, soft tissue injuries, and bone fractures. X-ray allows the doctor to assess the degree and nature of the damage or structural changes in the organ (inflammation, presence of lumps, neoplasms), as well as to identify inflammation foci or latent bleeding.

Radiography of the lungs is prescribed to identify pathological processes in the respiratory organs and make an accurate diagnosis. Patients with suspected pneumonia (pulmonary fever) and symptoms of other pulmonary diseases are referred for testing.

Digital X-ray of the lungs differs from the traditional one by lower radiation exposure and increased image clarity. The examination result is not recorded on film, but processed by a computer program and recorded on a digital medium. A digital x-ray of the lungs, if indicated, can be prescribed by a doctor as a preventive examination.

Is an X-ray dangerous?

During an X-ray, a person receives a certain dose of radiation, but it is so small that it cannot harm health. But X-rays cannot be done often – excessive radiation exposure to the body can lead to negative consequences. Therefore, the maximum permissible dose of radiation per year has been established - 1–2 mSv. If it is not exceeded, X-ray examinations are safe for health.

In addition, modern X-ray machines provide high-definition images with minimal radiation exposure. Radiography is not dangerous if performed strictly by medical prescription. X-ray makes it possible to make the correct diagnosis and prescribe effective therapy, so it is more useful than harmful. 

What organs can be X-rayed at “ON Clinic Dnipro”?

You can make an X-ray in Dnipro at the medical center “ON Clinic Dnipro”. We perform X-ray examinations of the following:

  • head;
  • cervical region;
  • thoracic region;
  • lumbosacral region;
  • ribs;
  • joints;
  • spine;
  • hands and feet.

The examination is carried out on a digital X-ray machine of the latest generation MULTIX Impact Siemens. It is equipped with sensors that allow you to monitor the position of the patient's body during the procedure to obtain the most accurate image. Due to the low dose of radiation and the high speed of the examination, X-rays can be taken quickly and safely for health.

In some cases, a little preliminary preparation is required before taking an X-ray, therefore, a consultation with a radiologist is necessary. To make an appointment for an X-ray in Dnipro at the medical center “ON Clinic Dnipro”, call the indicated phone number or leave a request on the website.

Doctor of department of x-ray

The cost of doctor x-ray appointments in Dnepr

OGK digital fluorography (direct projection)
Chest X-ray (CT) (direct projection, overview image)
Chest X-ray (CT) (lateral projection)
Chest X-ray (CT) (2 projections)
Consultation with a radiologist (description of the images provided, second opinion)
X-ray of the hip joint in three projections
X-ray of the cervical spine in two projections
X-ray of the hand in two projections (two limbs)
X-ray examination of the gastrointestinal tract (pharynx, esophagus, stomach, small intestine), contrasting with barium
Radiography of the first cervical vertebra (atlanta)
Radiography of the wrist joint (2 projections)
X-ray of the bones of the cranial vault in 2 projections
X-ray of the nasal bones
Radiography of the forefoot (targeted images in two projections)
X-ray of the Turkish saddle
Plain X-ray of the abdominal cavity
X-ray of the thoracic spine in two projections
X-ray of two hip joints in frontal projection
X-ray of the hand in two projections (one limb)
X-ray of the knee joint in the 1st projection (2 limbs)
X-ray of the knee joint in 2 projections
X-ray of the elbow joint in 2 projections
X-ray of the coccyx in two projections
Radiography of the pelvic bones, direct projection
Frontal projection of the shoulder joint
X-ray of the lumbosacral spine in two projections
X-ray of the lumbosacral spine in two projections with functional loads
X-ray of the paranasal sinuses
X-ray of the hip joint in frontal projection (if necessary in two)
Ribs X-ray (one side, oblique view)
X-ray of the thigh and both adjacent joints (4 frames)
X-ray of the thigh in 2 projections
Lower leg X-ray (2 projections)
Ankle X-ray (2 projections)
Ankle X-ray (3 projections)
X-ray of the knee joint in 3 projections (additionally axial or tunnel projection according to Frick)
X-ray of the bones of the facial skull
Lateral calcaneus x-ray (- / -)
Radiography of the foot in two projections (if necessary with a load)
X-ray of the cervical spine with functional stress
X-ray of the skull in 2 projections
X-ray of the mastoid process according to Schüller
X-ray of the calcaneus in 2 projections (lateral and axial)
X-ray of feet in direct projection
Exercise lateral foot radiography
Foot X-ray in two projections with stress
X-ray of the shoulder joint in 2 projections
Radiography of the wrist joint (3 projections)
X-ray of the hand in one projection (two limbs)
Functional radiography of the temporomandibular joints (with open and closed mouth)
X-ray of the forearm in 2 projections

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