Blazhko Valentina Sergeevna

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Blazhko Valentina Sergeevna Blazhko Valentina Sergeevna
Infectious disease doctor The first category. Work experience is more than 10 years.
The doctor is constantly developing in her profession attending thematic courses every year. In 2017, she took a course on highly dangerous infectious diseases. Valentina Sergeyevna is a doctor with a modern and progressive approach to treatment methods.
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2011 - graduated from Kharkov National Medical University, a degree in «General Medicine».
2013 - completed internship with a degree in «Infectious diseases» based at Kharkov Medical Academy Of Postgraduate Education.
2013 - infectious disease doctor at Public Non-Commercial Utility Company «Municipal Polyclinic No. 11» of Kharkov City Council.
2014 - thematic courses on highly dangerous diseases based at the infectious diseases hospital at Kharkov Medical Academy Of Postgraduate Education.
2016 - organization of medical examinations of workers in harmful professions.
2016 - pre-certification cycle in Infectious Diseases.
2017 - thematic course «Herpes virus and other topical viral and bacterial infections in the practice of a clinician».
2018 - pre-certification cycle in Infectious Diseases.

Cost of appointments

Consultation with an infectious disease specialist
450 uah.
ONLINE Infectious disease consultation
450 uah.
ONLINE Consultation of an infectious disease specialist abroad
400 uah.
Doctor house-call
Calling a dermatovenerologist at home
1500 uah.
Call a rheumatologist at home
1500 uah.
House call of a traumatologist
1500 uah.
Endocrinologist call home
1500 uah.
Calling an infectious disease doctor at home
1500 uah.
Home call from a general practitioner
1300 uah.
Calling a neurologist home
1500 uah.
Home call to a surgeon
1500 uah.
Home call to a pulmonologist
1500 uah.
Calling a cardiologist at home
1500 uah.
Calling the infectious disease doctor home on Sunday or holidays
1800 uah.
Call a therapist home for patients with confirmed COVID
1500 uah.
Call a therapist at home on Sunday, holidays
1400 uah.
Nurse call at home
800 uah.
Nurse call at home (distance up to 30 km)
1200 uah.
Nurse call at home (distance more than 30 km)
2000 uah.
Call a phlebologist home
1500 uah.

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