Boyko Yuliya Ivanovna

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Boyko Yuliya Ivanovna Boyko Yuliya Ivanovna
Cardiologist. The second category. Work experience is 5 years.
The doctor specializes in the treatment of cardiac pathologies and always strives to help her patients. She improves her practical skills in thematic courses.
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2015 - graduated from Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy, specialty “General Medicine”, Poltava.
2017 - internship training on specialty “Therapy” at Shupik National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kiev.
2017 - obtained specialty “Cardiology” based on Shupik Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.
2017 - cardiologist, Intensive Care Unit, Cherkassy Regional Cardiology Dispensary.
2019 - thematic advanced training "Echodopplerography of the heart and major vessels ".
2019 - family Doctor at medical center “ON Clinic Cherkasy”.

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