Dyachenko Raisa Viktorovna

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Dyachenko Raisa Viktorovna Dyachenko Raisa Viktorovna
Endocrinologist. The highest category. Work experience 45 years.
The doctor has deep practical experience in solving problems with the endocrine system. Shee regularly improves her qualifications by participating in scientific and practical conferences and seminars. Member of the Association for Preventive and Antiaging Medicine.
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1974 - graduated from Odessa Medical Institute, specialty “General Medicine”.
1975 - internship training based on the 3rd Municipal Hospital.
1977 - graduated from Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education for Doctors (Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education), specialty “Endocrinology”.
1978 - endocrinologist at Cherkassy Municipal Hospital No.2.
2007 - member of the Preventive and Anti-aging Medicine Association.
2015 - Ukrainian advanced training course based on European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD).
2015 - scientific-practical interregional conference “School of diabetes and thyroidology”.
2015 - scientific-practical conference at the V.P. Komisarenko Institute of Endocrinology and Metabolism “Innovative technologies in modern clinical endocrinology”.
2018 - scientific-practical conference with international participation “Modern aspects of practical endocrinology”.
2019 - endocrinologist at medical center “ON Clinic Cherkasy”.

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