Parkhomovskyi Maksim Oleksandrovich

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Parkhomovskyi Maksim Oleksandrovich Parkhomovskyi Maksim Oleksandrovich
Surgeon-proctologist. Second category. Work experience 12 years.
The doctor has deep knowledge and practical skills in the treatment of proctological diseases. He is constantly improving his qualifications in thematic courses. He is attentive and responsive to patients.
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2007 - Graduated the M.Pyrohov Vinnytsia National Medical University, obtained higher education in specialty "Medical care" and qualification of doctor.
2007 - Internship on the base of the Vinnytsia National Medical University and Suppurative-Septic Proctologic Center of the First Urban Hospital, where qualification of doctor-specialist in surgery was awarded to him.
2011 - Surgeon of emergency medical care in the Zolotonosha Central District Hospital.
2011 - Graduate courses and training "Special aspects of diagnosis of surgery pathology".
2012 - Pre-attestation cycle on the base of the Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education with recommendation to award second category.
2012 - Courses on the base of ON Clinic in Kharkiv.
2012 - Surgeon-proctologist of ON Clinic Cherkasy Medical Center.
2013 - Attestation Board of the Department of Health of Cherkasy Regional State Administration awarded the second category.
2017 - Training methods "Treatment of hemorrhoids by the method of transanal Doppler desarteration (HAL-RAR)" based on "ON Clinic Kharkov".

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Я обратилась к невропатологу с болью в плече и шее, мне назначили курс лечения в кабинете физиотерапии токами Траберта и ультрафонофорез. Я прошла курс из 5 процедур обеих видов физиотерапии. Через 3 дня почувствовала облегчение. Очень довольна. Спасибо медсестре кабинета физиотерапии Оксане Ивановне. Рекомендую.
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