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Good evening! I was examined at “On Clinic” for an ultrasound scan in Sumy. At the first ultrasound, doctor Petrov (sorry, I don't remember the name and patrony...
Elena , 12.12.2018. Show answer
Many thanks to all the staff of your clinic! Very polite and humorous. I was in the clinic 2 times. The first ultrasound, everything is clear in time, the resu...
Victoria , 26.12.2017. Show answer
Hello! I am writing to you with words of indignation and resentment. I went to your department in Sumy, it was necessary to do an ultrasound scan due to acute p...
Alexey , 20.05.2017. Show answer
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Address: Sumy, Harkovskaya st., 23

ON Clinic Sumy
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