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I want to express gratitude to endocrinologist A. Atamanenko for the selection of effective treatment that helped get rid of the swelling in the thyroid gland and bring the thyroid gland back to normal. I want to note the high level of qualification of Atamanenko!! and a competent approach in prescribing treatment. Thank you so much, Alyona Valeriyevna.
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Hello Tamara. Only qualified specialists work at our clinic, they use modern equipment in their work thus contributing to effective diagnosis and treatment. Atamanenko A.V. is a qualified specialist, she is attentive to her patients and finds an individual approach to each of them, as you can see from your own experience, and most importantly, you were satisfied with the result. We wish you good health and well-being.
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I want to express my gratitude to the wonderful doctor endocrinologist Atamanenko Alyona Valeriyevna. She is a very nice and competent doctor, a professional in her field. She helped me in solving my problem. I was pleased with the result. I will recommend her to my friends!!
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Hello Аnna. Thank you for your positive feedback and appreciation of the work of our specialist. We are pleased that under the supervision of Alena Valeriyevna Atamanenko you were able to solve the problem that caused concern. We are always ready to help if necessary and wish you good health.
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I liked everything!!! The reception staff is very attentive, friendly, all actions are performed instantly, very polite. After visiting the doctors, I can’t even express my feelings. I never talked so freely and easily. Everything was explained very thoroughly. I am very pleased with the service. And I will definitely advise you to my friends and acquaintances. Special thanks to Svetlana Leonidovna Skorikova! This is a super doctor in my opinion.
Kharkiv, 03.09.2019 Show answer
Hello Lyubov. Thank you for your positive feedback and kind words. We agree with you that only qualified specialists work at our medical centers, who find an individual approach to each patient, and powerful material and technical base contributes to an effective medical and diagnostic process. We are glad that you were completely satisfied with the result of visiting our clinic. We are always ready to help everyone who addresses your recommendations. We wish you good health and good mood.
Service Quality Control Department

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