Laboratory tests in Mariupol

Laboratory tests are examinations that provide reliable information about the state of various systems of human organs.

Each of us is faced with the procedure for taking tests, so it is important to understand how it goes and why laboratory tests are needed.

Procedure of taking laboratory tests

You can take tests in Mariupol in a specially equipped medical laboratory “ON Lab”. When taking tests, disposable sterile instruments are used.

Depending on the type of the test, special preparation is required for it. So, before a general blood test, you cannot eat an hour before the examination.

Why do you need to get tested?

Laboratory tests help detect the following:

  •  causative agents of infections;
  •  quantitative content of various substances (glucose, cholesterol) in the body;
  •  concentration of hormones;
  •  presence of tumor markers

Laboratory tests make it possible to accurately diagnose various diseases and identify pathological changes at any stage. Relying on the test results, the doctor in each case prescribes the most effective treatment regimen, and also monitors the treatment course.

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