Ultrasonography in Mariupol

Ultrasound examinations of organs are a diagnostic method based on the use of high-frequency sound waves.

Compared to other types of examinations (X-ray, computed and magnetic resonance imaging, fluorography), ultrasound diagnostics of organs is harmless to the body.

You can undergo ultrasound examination in Mariupol at the medical center “ON Clinic Mariupol”. Diagnostics is carried out using the device SIEMENS ACUSON NX3 elit, which has increased contrast resolution, intracavitary sensor and new ultrasound systems.

Types of ultrasound examination in Mariupol

Ultrasound examinations can be abdominal, transvaginal and transrectal. If changes in the functioning of the examined organ needs to be tracked in dynamics, ultrasound examination with a functional test is performed. At the medical center “ON Clinic Mariupol” you can carry out the following types of ultrasound diagnostics:

  •  ultrasound of mammary glands;
  •  ultrasound of one mammary gland;
  •  ultrasound of bladder;
  •  ultrasound of abdominal organs;
  •  transabdominal ultrasound of pelvic organs in women (uterus and adnexa);
  •  transvaginal ultrasound of pelvic organs in women (uterus and adnexa);
  •  combined ultrasound of pelvic organs in women (transvaginal and transabdominal);
  •  transabdominal ultrasound of pelvic organs in men (kidneys, prostate gland, bladder);
  •  ultrasound of urinary system;
  •  ultrasound of kidneys;
  •  ultrasound of thyroid gland;
  •  ultrasound examination to determine the pregnancy duration;
  •  folliculometry;
  •  cervicometry

There are different indications for different types of ultrasound diagnostics. So, ultrasound of abdominal organs should be performed in case of drug-induced liver injuries, and ultrasound of kidneys - if kidney stones are suspected.

Ultrasonography of pelvic organs in women and men

Two hours before the ultrasound of pelvic organs, both women and men need to drink 1-1.5 liters of liquid. Before performing a transrectal ultrasound of pelvic organs in men, a cleansing enema should be done.

Gynecological ultrasound in Mariupol is performed by a gynecologist. Ultrasound of pelvic organs in women is prescribed to determine pregnancy and monitor its course (at least once a trimester), as well as in the treatment of menstrual dysfunctions. In addition, women need to undergo pelvic ultrasound if the following symptoms appear:

  •  pain in the lower abdomen;
  •  suspicious vaginal discharge;
  •  discomfort when urinating;
  •  appearance of pus or blood admixture in the urine.

Ultrasound of pelvic organs in men is performed if erectile dysfunction and infertility are suspected. In addition, indications for ultrasound diagnostics of small pelvis in men include pain in the lower abdomen, discoloration and odor of urine, as well as diagnostics of urological diseases.

Ultrasonography of thyroid gland in Mariupol

Ultrasound of thyroid gland allows assessing the structure and size of thyroid gland, its vascular and lymphatic network, as well as diagnosing the neoplasms. No special preparation is required before conducting the examination. Immediately before carrying out ultrasound of thyroid gland, it is necessary to bare the neck and take off all metal objects from it.

Indications for ultrasound of thyroid gland include the following:

  •  sudden weight gain or loss;
  •  hormonal disorders;
  •  menstrual irregularities;
  •  increased irritability;
  •  diabetes mellitus;
  •  drowsiness, fatigue;
  •  increased hair loss;
  •  frequent mood swings.

To interpret the results of ultrasound of thyroid gland, it is necessary to make appointment with endocrinologist. Based on the diagnostic data, the doctor will prescribe an individual treatment regimen for the patient. The endocrinologist will explain whether hypothyroidism (if detected) can be cured and will prescribe methods for its therapy.

Ultrasonography of mammary glands in Mariupol

For preventive purposes, women need to undergo ultrasound of mammary glands annually. The examination allows early diagnostics of pathological processes and inflammation.

The indications for ultrasound of mammary glands include the following:

  • pain in the area of mammary glands;
  •  discharge from the nipples;
  •  presence of neoplasms in the area of mammary glands found during the palpation;
  •  changes in breast density;
  •  trauma to mammary glands;
  • increase in axillary lymph nodes

To undergo ultrasound examination at the medical center “ON Clinic Mariupol”, call the phone numbers indicated on the website or fill out the appointment form. Making appointment for ultrasound diagnostics is carried out around the clock. The price list for ultrasound in Mariupol can be found on the website.

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