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Feedback about dermatologists ON Clinic in Uzhgorod

I am a patient of dermatologist Tominets O.V. Only good feedback, a good doctor, she will explain everything well; she immediately diagnosed dermatitis on the f...
Solomiia , 08.12.2020. Show answer
I came to the clinic to remove warts on my hands. I got an appointment with Bobrova Angelika Viktorovna. The doctor promised that after the procedure there woul...
Ivanna , 25.10.2020. Show answer
Angelika Viktorovna Bobrova. GREAT PERSON! A doctor with a God-given talent. Thank you is not enough to say. There were no words to express my deep gratitude.
Eva Ivanovna , 29.08.2020. Show answer
I learned about the clinic from the Internet, first I came with my son to a dermatologist Tominets, a pleasant doctor. We immediately saw improvements despite t...
Erika , 24.07.2020. Show answer
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