Video consultation

The video consultation service of doctors, which can be performed in all “ON Clinic” medical centers is becoming particularly relevant due to with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Video consultations between doctor and patient are held in the patient's personal account.

Advantages of online consultation

The main advantages of an online consultation by a specialist include the ability to avoid unnecessary social contacts that can lead to the introduction of coronavirus infection, substantial saving of the patient's time and the most comfortable procedure for making an appointment for a consultation and its conducting..

During the remote consultation, the doctor:

  • refers for follow-up studies, if necessary;
  • provides consultation summary with recommendations based on the results of the conducted studies;
  • prescribes and corrects treatment;
  • provides the necessary explanations on the methods of therapy.

In which cases an online consultation by a specialist is possible?

An online consultation by a specialist is conducted for patients who have ready test and examinations results. In this case, the doctor can evaluate the test results, study the patient's current complaints and prescribe an individual treatment regimen.

In addition, online consultation by a specialist is suitable for patients who do not require face-to-face diagnostic procedures (physical examination, ECG, U/S, and others), as well as for correction and evaluation of the result of treatment, including for chronic diseases.

How to get an online consultation by a specialist?

A video consultation by a specialist is conducted in the patient's personal account — this is a special service that allows you to store the patient's medical data, make an appointment and control financial information. You can use your personal account from both a computer and a phone. You can install the ONline Clinic application for your convenience.

To get an online consultation by a specialist, you need the following:

  • pass a simple registration on the following website:;
  • submit an application for an appointment;
  • wait for feedback from the operator, who will prompt further actions.

The patient can exchange files with the test results with the attending physician during the online consultation. After completing the remote consultation, the doctor uploads the consultative medical report into the medical card in the personal account.

Video communication is carried out on a special platform that provides high-quality communication and image. Applications for online consultations by a specialist are accepted around the clock.

How to get an online consultation by a specialist abroad?

You can get a consultation of a therapist and other doctors online in the network of medical centers "ON Clinic", when they are in Czech Republic, Germany or another country. The specialist's appointment is available to patients registered in their personal account. Registration can be carried out by the phone operator based on the number of the country in which you are located. After registration you will receive the SMS- confirmation to the specified telephone number.

To get an online consultation by a specialist abroad, you need to pass to your personal account, choose a medical center, specialization, desired doctor, date and time and pay for the service. Then the operator will contact you and confirm an appointment.

An online consultation by a specialist is held in your personal account in the "Video Consultations" section. During the online consultation, the doctor asks about the patient's complaints, evaluates the test results (if any) and makes recommendations for treatment.

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