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Feedback from Julia for 01.06.2022

I was at the appointment with a dermatovenereologist, trichologist Rozhkova Natalya Viktorovna. The doctor greeted me very friendly, conducted an examination and consultation, answered all my questions, after which she professionally, flawlessly and painlessly performed radio wave removal of the skin neoplasm. Personally, I recommend Natalya Viktorovna as a highly qualified doctor. Thank you, Natalya Viktorovna, for your professionalism, humanity and impeccably done work!
Sumy, 01.06.2022 Show answer
Hello Julia. Thank you for choosing the clinic and sincere feedback about the history of treatment with our doctor. We are pleased that the doctor's appointment was informative and useful for you, and you got the expected result. Good health and strength to you.
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