Feedback from Elena for 12.12.2018

Good evening! I was examined at “On Clinic” for an ultrasound scan in Sumy. At the first ultrasound, doctor Petrov (sorry, I don't remember the name and patronym), only a paraovarian cyst was found. After that, at a visit to the gynecologist Grinchenko Larisa Vladimirovna, I continued to complain of pain in the lower back and asked for a second ultrasound, for which I was sent a day later to Skubyra L.N. So she found both adenomyosis and varicose veins of the small pelvis and the same cyst. The difference between ultrasound is 24 hours. How is it possible???!!!!!!!!!!! I am grateful to Larisa Vladimirovna Grinchenko for the treatment, her professionalism, timely assistance, and moral support. Thank you very much! There would be more such doctors
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Good day, Elena. Thank you for the kind words addressed to the clinic's specialists. We would like to note that there is no fundamental difference in the conclusions of experts. The descriptive part can vary, and cannot coincide with the full identity of different specialists and on different days of the cycle, which does not affect the main diagnosis and treatment tactics. We are glad that you are satisfied with the results of observation by a doctor, we are waiting for you at periodic preventive examinations!
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