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Hello. I visited OnClinic Dnepr today for the second time. The first time was about a year ago when I suffered from headaches, I was on an ultrasound examination performed by Golovchenko V.I. The doctor conducted an in-depth diagnosis, which lasted about 40 minutes (for comparison, before that it took 15 minutes in another clinic), issued a detailed medical report and referred me to a neurologist. I was very impressed that Vladimir Ivanovich did not just hand out the paper and send me to the profile doctor, but he told in detail why and who should I contact to solve my problem! The cabinet is equipped with very modern equipment, the device displays a color image and, in addition, the doctor displays the image on the opposite plasma - it’s convenient to lie down and see everything with your own eyes without twisting your head! The doctor is very careful and it is immediately obvious that he is experienced. And my big mistake was to neglect his recommendation. Unfortunately, I realize it only about a year later. I managed to visit neurologist today, having the CT results with myself and with the same headaches accompanies now with pain in neck and back. I am very grateful to Vladimir Ivanovich for his recommendation to visit Nadezhda Antonovna. She is a professional of her craft. During the visit, she asked a lot of clarifying questions, studied CT results, examined (no other neurologist has ever examined me so scrupulously), made the diagnosis and gave her recommendation on medication taking. I liked that there were few drugs prescribed and the doctor explained everything per each of them: why to take it, how long and what is the effect. Usually after visiting a doctor I google each drug trying to see it to myself, study the side effects. But in this case, everything was clear to me there was no need to waste time on this. Nadezhda Antonovna gave me confidence that everything would be all right after the treatment regimen. My advice to everybody is not to postpone visit to doctors, especially if your doctor refers it after diagnostics! I recommend ON Clinic Dnepr for 100%.
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Hello, Marina. Thank you for your detailed feedback and high opinion about the work of our specialists. Indeed, our clinic employs qualified doctors, who comprehensively approach the diagnosis and treatment of the patients considering the individual characteristics of each patient. It is very important for us to create the most comfortable conditions for each patient, because recovery is directly dependent on the emotional state. Also a good help for the work of specialists is the use of modern equipment and the use of the latest techniques in the diagnostic and treatment process. Thanks to the coordinated work of a team of professionals, we are constantly improving all patient care processes in our clinics. We are glad that you were completely satisfied with the result of your visit to "ON Clinic Dnepr". We are always ready to help when necessary. Stay healthy!
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I want to express my gratitude for quick and qualitative service, for attention and friendliness, for a pleasant and calm atmosphere. Special thanks to Nadezhda Antonovna for her delicacy, attitude and assigned therapy. I can already fell the result. Thank you, people in white coats.
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Hello, Natalia. Thank you for your sincere feedback and cordial words about our doctor Basarab N.А. We are pleased that under the supervision of experienced and skilled specialist Nadezhda Ivanovna you could solve your problem which troubled you, and the most important thing is that you were happy with the result of doctor’s supervision. We are always happy to help within the specialization of our clinic. Stay healthy!
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Hello. I would like to express my gratitude to Kovalenko Olga Yuriyevna. She is a very careful and experienced specialist. I am under her treatment for the second month – I am very happy with the result. Thank you very much!!!
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Hello, Natalia. Thank you for your positive feedback and kind words about our specialist. We are glad that you were happy with the result after visiting our clinic. We are always ready to render high-quality medical assistance when necessary and stay healthy!
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