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I want to thank the proctologist Rufanova Anna Anatolyevna for the work done. I have a difficult diagnosis. Difficult situation. But thanks to the high professionalism, individual approach and sensitivity of Anna Anatolyevna, the operation was painless. The process of preparation and subsequent rehabilitation, together with the selected procedures, was fast and productive. I recommend to everyone who has problems in proctology, ON Clinic in the person of Dr. Rufanova Anna Anatolyevna !!! Once again thank you! Patient card 819206
Dnepr, 05.07.2022 Show answer
Hello Dmitry. Thank you for your trust and sincere feedback on the history of treatment in our clinic. We are pleased to know that you are satisfied with the service at the clinic and the results of the treatment. We hope that your recommendations will be useful to all people with proctological problems.
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I came to “ON Clinic Dnepr” to solve my proctological problem. Dr. Aslyaev A.A. In the future I will recommend ON Clinic to all friends and relatives. I was diagnosed with hemorrhoids of stage III with bleeding, the treatment was painless, by radio wave method, at the highest level. I am very grateful to "ON Clinic Dnepr" for treatment, service, attention, I recommend it to everyone. Top level patient service at the reception.
Raisa Nikolayevna
Dnepr, 08.04.2020 Show answer
Hello, Raisa Nikolayevna. Thank you for your positive feedback and your trust. We are pleased that under the supervision of our specialist you were able to solve a delicate problem. Using gentle minimally invasive treatment methods, our specialists are able to help patients solve proctologic problems without pain, without surgery and in comfortable conditions. We will be happy to help everyone visiting us on your recommendations. Stay healthy.
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I am very pleased to come to a professional in her sphere, to Anna Anatolyevna Rufanova. I underwent non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoids, fissures and fistulas in one session with the help of photocoagulation technology and the surgitron apparatus. I really liked the positive attitude and the inexhaustible optimism that instilled in me faith in recovery. I will recommend you!
Dnepr, 07.04.2020 Show answer
Hello, Valentina. Thank you for your feedback and appreciation of the work of our specialist. Rufanova Anna Anatolyevna is proficient in modern, gentle and effective methods of treating proctologic problems, which, together with the high-tech equipment used at the clinics of our Network, gives an effective result. We recommend not to forget about preventive examinations, we wish you good health and good mood!
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I have faced an unpleasant problem. I decided to visit On Clinic from the advertisement on a board. By a stroke of luck, my doctor was Kudlay Sergey Pavlovich. Delicate examination showed that I had an old rectal polyp. Then there was an operation. I came at the appointed time, it took an hour to perform an operation and after that, I was let go home. The operation was quite painless and comfortable. I was happy that it was done without general anesthesia. The regenerative and recovery process was not completely comfortable but I know to my own cost that it is my peculiarity. But for all that, the doctors and clinic rendered attention and assistance of all kinds to me. Now I feel great. Thank to Sergey Pavlovich and On Clinic!
Dnepr, 02.04.2020 Show answer
Hello, Ruslan. Thank you for your positive feedback. Proctologist Kudlay S.P. is a true professional, he copes with even the most difficult cases acceptable to treat in the conditions of our clinic. Sparing minimally invasive techniques used in our clinic allow us to get rid of proctological problems without hospitalization, without surgical intervention and without interruption from the usual rhythm of life. We are glad that your visit to our clinic was comfortable and went in a positive atmosphere. We advise you not to forget about preventive examinations and wish you good health!
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