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Hello, I am happy with the service at the reception, lovely girls, pleasant staff. My doctor was Nadezhda Stepanovna Shmargovich, friendly, pleasant, a specialist in her field. Everything was great, she helped with the problem, the consultation was at the highest level. I liked that everyone was always friendly. I will definitely recommend this place to my friends. Everything is at the European level, here you can solve any problem. I'm glad I found this place. You are awesome!!!
Uzhgorod, 17.02.2021 Show answer
Hello Tatiana! Thank you for finding the opportunity to share your impressions of our clinic. One of the main principles of the work of our medical centers is the comfort of patients at every stage. Also, our doctors have a powerful material and technical base at their disposal, which contributes to high-quality diagnostics and treatment. We are glad that in the person of the specialist Shmargovich N.S. you have found a doctor who can be trusted with your health. We are always ready to help if necessary. Stay healthy!
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I went to see a gynecologist because something was bothering me. It was my first visit to the clinic, as well as to the doctor Shmargovich N.S. It is very good clinic, pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff. Doctor Shmargovich N.S. is experienced, pleasant, very calm, she explained clearly my problem to me. In general, I have only positive emotions from “On Clinic”.
Uzhgorod, 24.12.2020 Show answer
Hello Nadezhda! Thank you for the positive feedback and high appreciation of the work of our doctor Shmargovich N.S. We are glad that contacting the clinic was comfortable and effective for you. The level of trust and psychological comfort during treatment are important factors in achieving a positive result quickly. We are always ready to help if necessary. Stay healthy and positive!
Service Quality Control Department
I am extremely grateful to “ON Clinic” for the services rendered. Everything is punctual, professional, the staff is sooo polite and pleasant. The ladies at the reception are a miracle! I would like to express special gratitude to the gynecologist Larisa Vasiliyevna. A doctor with a God-given talent! Neat, delicate and very experienced. We came to be examined from another city, and it is impossible to imagine a better clinic. Larisa Vasiliyevna saved our lives. Besides professionalism, she is a very kind and sincere person. I will not forget her. I recommend her to everyone, you will not regret it.
Uzhgorod, 27.11.2020 Show answer
Hello Dayana! Thank you for your positive feedback. We agree with you that only qualified specialists work in the medical centers of our Network. Comfort at every stage of the visit to the clinic and high-quality medical care are one of the main principles of our medical centers. And you could see it for yourself. Stay healthy and positive!
Service Quality Control Department
I would like to leave a feedback about the wonderful specialist Nadezhda Stepanovna, who dealt with my problem with a professional approach and helped me. I am very grateful to the doctor for her work and responsibility.
Uzhgorod, 03.09.2020 Show answer
Hello Olga! We are grateful for the positive feedback, kind words about our doctor Shmargovich Nadezhda Stepanovna and a high assessment of professionalism. It is important for us to know that you are satisfied with the result of your visit to the clinic and the quality of medical care. We are always ready to help if necessary. Stay healthy!
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ON Clinic Uzhgorod
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