Kurguz Vladislav Oleksandrovich

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Kurguz Vladislav Oleksandrovich Kurguz Vladislav Oleksandrovich
Urologist. Work experience 5 years.
A young and promising doctor. He regularly takes part in thematic courses and symposia. He successfully introduces the acquired knowledge into medical practice.
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2016 - graduated from M.I. Pirogov Vinnitsa National Medical University on specialty “General Medicine” and obtained qualification of doctor.
2016 - intern at M.I. Pirogov Vinnitsa Regional Clinical Hospital.
2016 - participation in scientific-practical conference "Modern approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer”.
2017 - participation in 7th international scientific-practical conference "Achievement and prospects in oncourology, plastic and reconstructive surgery of urinary tract”.
2018 - certification at M.I. Pirogov Vinnitsa National Medical University, awarded title of Doctor Specialist in the specialization "Urology".
2018 - urologist at Cherkasy Regional Hospital.
2018 - urologist in the clinic "Avicenna-Med", Kiev.
2018 - urologist at medical center "ON Clinic Cherkasy".

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Repeated appointment with female urologist
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ONLINE-Repeated appointment with female urologist
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ONLINE Re-admission of a urologist abroad
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