Feedback from Lyudmila for 28.01.2020

I want to thank the ultrasound diagnostics doctor Yelena Yevgenievna Pershina for her inexhaustible humanity and personal involvement multiplied by professionalism. In December, she made ultrasound diagnostics of my various organs, and I can say that now Yelena Yevgenyevna knows me right through)) And on 02/26/2020 she performed an abdominal cavity diagnosis for my son. She examined everything attentively, calmly, confidently, she explained everything and reassured us. Despite the fact that the doctor recommends consultations with the right specialists, she also gives simple everyday attitudes and tips that improve the quality of life. I will advise both On Clinic and personally Yelena Yevgenievna to my relatives and friends.
Kharkiv, 28.01.2020 Show answer
Hello Lyudmila. Thanks for the positive feedback. We are pleased that the diagnostic procedure was held for you on a positive note, and the results were accessible and understandable. You could confirm the quality of the diagnostics yourself. Thank you for your kind words and your recommendations of the specialist Yelena Yevgenievna Pershina. Also, an important component of high-quality diagnostics is high-tech equipment used at our medical center. We hope your feedback will help potential patients to choose a medical institution and a doctor. Stay healthy!
Service Quality Control Department