Feedback from Yana for 17.03.2020

I want to leave my feedback about my visit to the gastroenterologist, it was my first visit to the clinic. I visited a doctor before, but I still didn’t have any diagnosis, I was partially tested, and I thought that at this clinic there would be an opportunity to put in an IV and the doctor would prescribe medication, therefore I came to you as there are no such services in the previous clinic. The first thing I heard was why I came and why I visited that doctor. The doctor was irritable, the impression is that I came to her house, maybe because of insurance. You could tell me right away that you don’t accept. Moreover, she didn’t even conduct an examination, she referred me to 10 tests and sent for an additional examination. She answered in an irritable tone to all my questions. Besides, the appointment to this doctor costs 500 UAH, a higher degree, it is probably better to consult by a more friendly doctor. I will not come to the second appointment, of course, the impression is negative.
Dnepr, 17.03.2020 Show answer
Hello, Yana. Thank you for dialogue with the Quality Control Unit. The opinion of our real patients is important for us. We try to provide comfortable conditions and proper service for all patients of the clinic, including the insurance line. If a specialist is not suitable at the psychological level, the clinic always has the opportunity to change the doctor. In any case, if you felt uncomfortable while visiting the clinic - we apologize. You received more detailed information by telephone. We are always ready to help, stay healthy.
Service Quality Control Department