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I was in your clinic at the doctor's appointment with T.V. Lishchinskaya, an examination was carried out and an analysis was prescribed. For the first appointment, I paid UAH 250 according to the price list and made an appointment for a second appointment with ready-made results, I paid UAH 350 instead of the stated UAH 200 for a consultation without a gynecological examination (the doctor argued that this consultation was a gynecologist-endocrinologist consultation) although there is no such service in the price list ((((after the prescribed treatment, I felt bad, I decided to inform my treating doctor, so that I know whether to stop or continue the prescribed treatment! And for this consultation, I paid again UAH 200, although the price list says that repeated appointments are free for patients undergoing treatment! It is very sad that due to such financial nuances, despite the professionalism of the doctor, a negative opinion is formed!
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Good afternoon, Alena. Thank you for the dialogue with the Quality Control Service. We would like to note that all services in the clinic are paid in accordance with the approved price list. Free recurring visits are provided to patients in the complex service “treatment course”; in case of home outpatient treatment, all visits to the doctor are paid in accordance with the price list. We emphasize that if a patient in the process of outpatient treatment has any questions or changes in dynamics, you can contact the attending doctor through the contact center operators and clarify these questions. You have received more detailed information by phone. We are always ready to help, we wish you health.
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