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I was at the appointment with a dermatovenereologist, trichologist Rozhkova Natalya Viktorovna. The doctor greeted me very friendly, conducted an examination and consultation, answered all my questions, after which she professionally, flawlessly and painlessly performed radio wave removal of the skin neoplasm. Personally, I recommend Natalya Viktorovna as a highly qualified doctor. Thank you, Natalya Viktorovna, for your professionalism, humanity and impeccably done work!
Sumy, 01.06.2022 Show answer
Hello Julia. Thank you for choosing the clinic and sincere feedback about the history of treatment with our doctor. We are pleased that the doctor's appointment was informative and useful for you, and you got the expected result. Good health and strength to you.
Service Quality Control Department
I was in your clinic at the doctor's appointment with T.V. Lishchinskaya, an examination was carried out and an analysis was prescribed. For the first appointment, I paid UAH 250 according to the price list and made an appointment for a second appointment with ready-made results, I paid UAH 350 instead of the stated UAH 200 for a consultation without a gynecological examination (the doctor argued that this consultation was a gynecologist-endocrinologist consultation) although there is no such service in the price list ((((after the prescribed treatment, I felt bad, I decided to inform my treating doctor, so that I know whether to stop or continue the prescribed treatment! And for this consultation, I paid again UAH 200, although the price list says that repeated appointments are free for patients undergoing treatment! It is very sad that due to such financial nuances, despite the professionalism of the doctor, a negative opinion is formed!
Sumy, 07.03.2020 Show answer
Good afternoon, Alena. Thank you for the dialogue with the Quality Control Service. We would like to note that all services in the clinic are paid in accordance with the approved price list. Free recurring visits are provided to patients in the complex service “treatment course”; in case of home outpatient treatment, all visits to the doctor are paid in accordance with the price list. We emphasize that if a patient in the process of outpatient treatment has any questions or changes in dynamics, you can contact the attending doctor through the contact center operators and clarify these questions. You have received more detailed information by phone. We are always ready to help, we wish you health.
Service Quality Control Department
Bad experience after the appointment. I came at my appointed time, I was taken after 20 minutes of my waiting. If I sign up for a specific time, then I also plan it. Further - the results of laboratory tests were promised to be sent by mail in a day, 3 days have passed, they still do not exist. Apparently, there is no communication within the clinic.
Sumy, 10.01.2020 Show answer
Good day, Andrey. Thank you for the dialogue with the Quality Control Service. Comfort for the patient at all stages of the provision of medical services in our medical center is one of the priority tasks. A team of specialists works daily to ensure the improvement of the quality of service. If there are shortcomings in our work, we are always ready to take responsibility and provide additional options for loyalty, which was also in this case. We are always ready to help, we wish you health and good mood!
Service Quality Control Department
Good evening! I was examined at “On Clinic” for an ultrasound scan in Sumy. At the first ultrasound, doctor Petrov (sorry, I don't remember the name and patronym), only a paraovarian cyst was found. After that, at a visit to the gynecologist Grinchenko Larisa Vladimirovna, I continued to complain of pain in the lower back and asked for a second ultrasound, for which I was sent a day later to Skubyra L.N. So she found both adenomyosis and varicose veins of the small pelvis and the same cyst. The difference between ultrasound is 24 hours. How is it possible???!!!!!!!!!!! I am grateful to Larisa Vladimirovna Grinchenko for the treatment, her professionalism, timely assistance, and moral support. Thank you very much! There would be more such doctors
Sumy, 12.12.2018 Show answer
Good day, Elena. Thank you for the kind words addressed to the clinic's specialists. We would like to note that there is no fundamental difference in the conclusions of experts. The descriptive part can vary, and cannot coincide with the full identity of different specialists and on different days of the cycle, which does not affect the main diagnosis and treatment tactics. We are glad that you are satisfied with the results of observation by a doctor, we are waiting for you at periodic preventive examinations!
Service Quality Control Department
Many thanks to all the staff of your clinic! Very polite and humorous. I was in the clinic 2 times. The first ultrasound, everything is clear in time, the results are immediate. The second time - a more unpleasant procedure - removal of genital warts with radio waves. But! But! The doctors are very very polite and very neat. Everything healed quickly and nothing hurt after the procedure. I came to your clinic on a recommendation and, in turn, I will recommend it too! Thank you so much! Holiday greetings!
Sumy, 26.12.2017 Show answer
Hello Victoria! Thank you for the words of gratitude to our clinic and specialists. Our clinic use modern equipment and an advanced method of removing neoplasms using radio waves. This procedure is carried out quickly, as painlessly as possible for the patient, does not leave scarring. On your own experience, you are convinced of the effectiveness of this method and are satisfied with the result. And for a doctor, the best reward is positive patient feedback. Be healthy!
Service Quality Control Department
Hello! I am writing to you with words of indignation and resentment. I went to your department in Sumy, it was necessary to do an ultrasound scan due to acute pain in the abdomen. I wanted to find out as soon as possible the cause of persistent severe pain and fever. I had an appointment on 20.05.17 at 9.40. I wanted it early, but they said it was busy. However, neither at 9.40, nor at 9.50 a specialist doctor did not appear at work, as far as I understand, without special valid reasons. I didn't have the opportunity to wait longer, and I didn't want to. Israeli medicine with Soviet service is somehow offensive. Yours faithfully Alexey Zheludkov, Sumy.
Sumy, 20.05.2017 Show answer
Good afternoon, Alexey. Thank you for the dialogue with the Quality Control Service. We apologize for the discomfort you got during your visit to the clinic. We try to exclude as much as possible the influence of the human factor on the ongoing processes, but unfortunately, there is no reliable tool for this. The comfort of our patients is one of the priority tasks, so we are ready to compensate for our shortcomings in work with an additional loyalty program for the patient. In this situation, we are ready to provide you with a 50% discount for one ultrasound examination at any time convenient for you. All the best!
Service Quality Control Department

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