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The attitude towards patients could not be worse. On 21.12.2019 I had an appointment at 9.10 a.m. to doctor Frolova E.Yu. and I had acute pain. I was stuck in the waiting room for an hour despite the fact that I warned the administrator that I had diabetes and came in the fasted state in order to do another ultrasound. There were two women behind me who passed without an appointment. I also watched as Frolova walked along the corridor and talked on her cell phone. Standing in the queue, I felt that my sugar was falling down and I could go faint - this is the best case scenario. And only when I demanded to return the money for the appointment, Frolova came out with the words "ok, I will see you." Shame on such doctors! Although I know that excellent reviews have been written on the official page for this "doctor", I feel indignant and do not recommend her. There are many worthy doctors who don’t wear a crown, but treat people.
Kharkiv, 23.12.2019 Show answer
Hello Dmitriy. Thank you for the dialogue with the Quality Assurance Service. Patients in our clinic are admitted by appointment for the convenience of patients and in order to avoid queues. Unfortunately, patients have unforeseen health problems, doctors primarily provide assistance to patients with an acute emergency resulting in appointment rescheduling, which was also in this case, the comfort of our patients is one of the priority tasks. Therefore, as an apology, we are ready to provide an additional option of loyalty. You received more detailed information by phone. We are always ready to help, stay healthy!
Service Quality Control Department
I would like to thank the doctor Udovikhina V.I. and assistant Ryabko N. for the painless and accurate gastroscopy. For courtesy and attention to patients, THANKS!
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Hello Andrey. Thank you for your feedback. We want to note that, without exaggeration, gastroscopy is an important diagnosing tool. The information the doctor receives is of great value for the further treatment plan. Only qualified specialists work for us, they always find an individual approach to each patient, as you could see from your own experience. We are always ready to help if necessary and wish you good health.
Service Quality Control Department
I really did not like the doctor Orlenko Dmitro Borisovich - perhaps he is a great specialist, but it was uncomfortable to communicate with him. The moment when a person was not rude, but remaining within the bounds of decency he showed his dissatisfaction as much as possible - about everything, starting from the results of analyzes in electronic form and ending with the wording I used to describe my complaints. I came in a good mood and came out with the feeling that I was "faked out" because normally you expect a friendly attitude during the visits to private clinics. On the same day, I visited another doctor Udovikhina Yelena Ivanova - a wonderful experience, the procedure was as comfortable as possible, I liked both the doctor and the nurse. The workers in ultrasound, during the blood sampling and the ladies at the reception were also very welcoming. Conclusion: I’ll return to the clinic, but I will go to another specialist for a return visit.
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Hello Yelena Valeriyevna. Unfortunately, our attempts to contact you by phone are not successful, the subscriber does not answer calls. If the reception did not develop a trusting relationship with the attending physician at the psychological level, the clinic has the opportunity to change the doctor. To achieve the desired result from the medical diagnostic process, we always strongly recommend that our patients comply with all the prescriptions of specialists. We are ready to continue a more substantive dialogue, for this we ask you to contact the Quality Control Service at 0800-50-71-70 (from 10:00 to 17:00). All the best.
Service Quality Control Department

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