Feedback from Yelenа for 03.09.2019

Goncharenko Svetlana Olegovna whom I visited is a professional of her craft. She is a wonderful person, very considerate to her patients and a very competent dermatologist. I recommend to everybody who has dermatology-related problems consult namely Goncharenko S. О. Thank you, On clinic, for this doctor.
Odessa, 03.09.2019 Show answer
Hello, Yelenа. We understand that dermatological problems create much discomfort in everyday life. That is why it is important to seek for professional aid. Our dermatologists have a comprehensive approach to a patient’s diagnostics and treatment, considering the peculiarities of each client. We are happy to know that you remained completely satisfied with your visit to our specialist. We are always ready to help when necessary, stay healthy!
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