Dermatology in Odessa

Needless to say that skin diseases are among those that carry a "lucky owner" a lot of problems?

This complex is both about appearance, and other manifestations of the disease – a burning sensation, scabies and others.

We specialize in:

In addition, the majority of them are fairly quickly developing, covering more and more area, and it is important that in the hands of a specialist you were at an early stage of the disease, when it can be cured quickly and without consequences.

What diseases does a dermatologist treat in the medical center ON Clinic Odessa?

The term "dermatology" is translated literally as "the doctrine of the skin." As the name implies, dermatologists diagnose and provide treatment of skin diseases.

Department of dermatology of ON Clinic Odessa medical center copes with diseases such as:

  • psoriasis – we cure without hormones;
  • make the removal of warts, condillomas, papillomas and moles;
  • dermatitis of different etymology;
  • eczema;
  • fungal skin and nail diseases.

To make an appointment with a dermatologist is necessary, if you have:

  • significant focal changes in skin color, without apparent reason;
  • rash;
  • stain;
  • cracked skin;
  • excessive swelling;
  • pronounced vascular mesh;
  • acne.

What is threat of untimely visits to the doctor?

Skin covers almost 100% of the human body and the internal state of the organism is quite often reflected on it. It, like a litmus paper, "says" about human health. And very often cutaneous manifestations may be a warning of a dangerous disease. In any case, the best thing you can do, noticing skin problems – to visit a qualified dermatologist.

Treatments used in dermatology department of the medical center ON Clinic Odessa:

  • comprehensive treatment with unique modern drugs;
  • physiotherapy, chosen on an individual basis;
  • narrow-spectral phototherapy;
  • radiowave device "Surgitron";
  • digital dermatoscopy.

Remember that the most simple treatment is given after the primary manifestation of the disease. In this case, the result will not take long. Do not procrastinate solving problems – call to the medical center ON Clinic Odessa».

Savkun Viktoria Valeriivna
Savkun Viktoria Valeriivna
Doctor of department of dermatology

The cost of doctor dermatology appointments in Odessa

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