Dermatology in Cherkasy

In addition to diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of skin diseases specialists of the Dermatology Department of the "ON Clinic Cherkasy" Medical Center specialize in treating psoriasis.

Non-hormonal therapy of psoriasis with natural products based on Dead Sea minerals allows achieving stable remission.

We treat:

If you have problems with the skin, you should immediately contact the Dermatology Department in the "ON Clinic Cherkasy". Even the slightest reddening or a little pimple can lead to a severe dermatologic disease. Our skin also needs attention and care.

Dermatological examination when first unpleasant skin symptoms (redness, itching or burning sensation) develop will help to get rid of skin problems, preserve its beauty and health. A doctor will determine the cause of the skin discoloration and discomfort.

In the "ON Clinic Cherkasy", moles, warts and other growths or skin formations are diagnosed using a digital dermatoscopy. This method allows detecting cancer in the early stages. Using a dermatoscope, you can see even the slightest change in cells with a 10-20-fold magnifying lens installed in the device.

You can refer the dermatology center to treat:

  • acne, seborrhea, different types of dermatitis;
  • psoriasis, fungal diseases of the skin.

In general, a doctor studies the patient’s medical history and the results of analyses and examines the affected area using various methods (laboratory tests, drug sensitivity tests) to establish a diagnosis.

You can visit the Dermatology Center at any convenient time. Making an appointment with a dermatologist helps to plan your day harmoniously. Dermatologists provide detailed advice and appoint an effective rehabilitation program for each patient.

The Dermatology clinic is equipped with modern facilities with the latest equipment, where everyone will feel comfortable in. Do not delay to visit a doctor. Ask for help today.

Consult a dermatologist

Not many people visit a dermatologist for advice. We trust more the unverified information from glossy magazines than listen to the expert opinion. Experienced dermatologists will help to cope with any ‘skin’ problem in the "ON Clinic Cherkasy".

Consultation of a dermatologist is necessary when not only there are rashes on the face and body or you ‘caught’ microsporia. Advice of a doctor is needed even in choosing cosmetics for the face, decollate and neck, hands and feet. Often selection of wrong soap or shower gel leads to dryness and irritation of skin, skin flaking. This is a direct way to the development of allergic dermatitis or seborrhea.

Examination of a dermatologist can help you to determine your skin type, find right skin care products. Even the eau de toilette may cause allergic reactions when it contacts exposed skin. To avoid this you should consult a doctor who will study your medical history and advise ‘safe’ products.

Dermatologic treatment in the "ON Clinic Cherkasy" is based on the use of non-surgical techniques. You can get rid of hanging moles from warts on hands without pain and scars in the clinic. Radio waves can remove growths on exposed parts of the body in one session. This method of treatment growths is used successfully in Europe.

Radio waves do not burn the skin, do not influence the healthy tissue and even sterilize the wound during the procedure. Among all non-surgical methods, this is the least traumatic and it promotes rapid healing of the procedure site.

You can make an appointment with a dermatologist by phone or using the contact form on the website.

Our specialists treat the diseases as follows:

  • psoriasis, seborrhea, atopic dermatitis;
  • acne, fungal diseases of the skin;
  • condylomas and papillomas;
  • nail fungus (onychomycosis).

Dermatologists of the "ON Clinic Cherkasy" develop individual treatment programs. Skin growths (redness, microsporia, moles, warts) will no longer annoy you and won’t leave traces on the skin.

Treatment is carried out using unique drugs, which have no analogues. For example, special shampoos, manufactured in the laboratories of the "ON Clinic Cherkasy" Health Centers, will help to return thick hair if you have hair loss. If you’re concerned about acne (comedones), a doctor will prescribe lotions and tonics, which reduce inflammation and help to get rid of black spots.

Removal of skin growths in the clinic

In the "ON Clinic Cherkasy" moles, warts and condylomas are removed in a single session. Radio-wave treatment of the affected area is a procedure during which you don’t feel any pain or discomfort. Removal of warts and other skin growths is performed quickly under the supervision of an experienced dermatologist. Make an appointment to remove warts and papillomas or other skin growths right now!

Doctor of department of dermatology

The cost of doctor dermatology appointments in Cherkasy

Initial appointment with a dermatovenerologist
Repeated appointment with a dermatovenerologist
Reappointment of a dermatovenerologist after a regulated period
ONLINE-Primary appointment with a dermatovenerologist
ONLINE-Repeated appointment of a dermatovenerologist
ONLINE-Reappointment of a dermatovenerologist after a regulated period
ONLINE Re-admission of a dermatovenerologist abroad
ONLINE Initial reception of a dermatovenerologist abroad

Physicians of dermatology department of ON Clinic Cherkasy

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