Feedback from Victoria for 26.12.2019

I went to the clinic with a problem of a rash on my face (acne). At the beginning of treatment, the doctor, Ekaterina Nikolaevna Manzhula, prescribed an ultrasound scan and a number of tests. After reviewing the results of the examination, she advised me to contact a gastroenterologist, since the HELICOBACTER PYLORI bacterium was found, which provoked the rash. She cured the bacteria. Ekaterina Nikolaevna prescribed me treatment in the form of tablets (antibiotics and a medical line of cosmetics). The treatment lasted 7 months, and I am happy with the result. I also want to add and advise those who have skin problems, who complain of a rash, or other skin diseases. Do not self-medicate, and do not spare your money and time, contact a dermatologist. I want to express my positive impression about the clinic and the girls at the reception, attentive and friendly staff, the clinic's work schedule is convenient, all tests are taken on the spot. I am also grateful to the doctor-dermatologist Ekaterina Nikolaevna for high professionalism and delicacy in the work. To everyone who is looking for a good dermatologist, I can recommend Manzhula Ekaterina Nikolaevna.
Poltava, 26.12.2019 Show answer
Hello Victoria. Thank you for your detailed feedback. Dermatologists of “ON Clinic Poltava” Medical Center select individual treatment programs for each patient, taking into account the individual characteristics of each one. What you could see for yourself. We agree with you that self-medication can complicate the healing process and lead to complications. We strive to provide qualified medical care in a comfortable environment for each patient. We employ only qualified specialists who have a powerful material and technical base at their disposal. We hope that your feedback will be useful to potential patients. We wish you good health and good mood.
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