Feedback from Ivan Lavryk for 23.01.2020

Removal of moles is completely painless, I did not feel anything at all + Dr. Manzhula E.N. constantly asked “Does it hurt?”, “How do you feel?” So overall, I'm happy! The only thing is not quite competent call center workers, who gave me completely different prices and numbers, so in fact it turned out much more than they said on the phone.
Ivan Lavryk
Poltava, 23.01.2020 Show answer
Good afternoon, Ivan. Thank you for your feedback. Manzhula Ekaterina Nikolaevna is a qualified specialist, as you could see from your own experience. Removal of skin neoplasms in our clinic is carried out using the radio wave method. The procedure is quick, painless and with a good cosmetic effect. It is also important that in the future a histological examination of the removed elements is carried out to verify the diagnosis. Please note that the operator provides general information. Detailed information can be announced by the doctor after the profile examination. You have received more detailed information by phone. We wish you good health and good mood.
Service Quality Control Department