Treatment of menstrual dysfunction in Sumy

Dysfunction of menstrual cycle is a disorder of menstruation frequency and duration, as well as a change in the volume of blood loss (too abundant or poor discharge). Normally, the duration of menstrual cycle is 21 to 35 days. Menstruation can last from two to seven days, and during this period the total volume of blood loss should not exceed 80 ml.

Menstrual disorders can be due to both physiological reasons (stress, menopause, poor nutrition) and pathologies of reproductive organs (endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, tumors of uterus, ovaries, and others). Therefore, when the nature or duration of menstruation changes, it is necessary to make appointment for a consultation by gynecologist. The doctor will diagnose, identify the cause of the disorder and prescribe treatment.

There are the following types of menstrual irregularities:

  • opsomenorrhea - delayed menstruation. The cycle duration for opsomenorrhea varies from 36 days to three months. The causes of delayed menstruation can be too strict diet, low body weight, stress, hard physical labor, hypothyroidism and other endocrine pathologies, as well as sluggish infectious processes in the body, including in the pelvic organs;
  • algodismenorrhea - characterized by cramping pain during menstruation that occurs several hours before or with it. The pain can be moderate or severe;
  • menorrhagia - characterized by profuse and prolonged menstruation (longer than seven days). The total volume of blood loss per cycle is approximately 100–150 ml;
  • hypomenorrhea - scanty menstruation caused by stress, low body weight, taking oral contraceptives, hormonal imbalance;
  • premenstrual syndrome (PMS) - a complex of vegetative-vascular, psychoemotional and endocrine disorders, manifested 2-10 days before the onset of menstruation. The main symptoms of PMS include anxiety, headache, swelling, breast engorgement, irritability, and nausea.

Delayed menstruation, changes in the duration and intensity of discharge, intermenstrual bleeding in women after 45 are signs of climacteric syndrome - a gradual extinction of reproductive function. Menstruation during pregnancy is bleeding caused by implantation of the ovum into the uteral lining (occurs about two weeks after conception). The bloody discharge is scanty and lasts no longer than three days.

Diagnostics of menstrual dysfunction

Treatment of menstrual dysfunction in Sumy at the medical center “On Clinic Sumy” begins with determining the cause of the pathology development. During the consultation, the gynecologist listens to the patient’s complaints, studies the patient intake, and then conducts examination in the gynecological chair.

To diagnose menstrual dysfunction, the doctor prescribes the following tests:

  • blood and urine test;
  • pregnancy test;
  • blood tests for the level of sex hormones. Tests for hormones in Sumy can be taken in the laboratory of the medical center “On Clinic Sumy” equipped with all the necessary equipment;
  • vaginal smear for bacterial culture and/or PCR test (if inflammatory diseases of reproductive organs are suspected);
  • PAP test - to detect precancerous or cancerous cells in the vagina and cervix;
  • ultrasonography of pelvic organs (to exclude the presence of neoplasms - ovarian cysts, uterine myoma, etc.);
  • test for genital infections. You can get tested for STDs in Sumy immediately after consulting a gynecologist in the laboratory of the medical center “On Clinic Sumy”;
  • endometrial biopsy (taking a sample of the uteral lining for examination);
  • diagnostic hysteroscopy (visual examination of uterine cavity under optical magnification.

After determining the cause of menstrual irregularity, gynecologist selects the optimal therapy regimen for a patient. You can find out the approximate cost of treating menstrual dysfunction in Sumy at “On Clinic Sumy” at your first appointment with gynecologist. 

Complications of menstrual dysfunction

Possible complications of menstrual dysfunction include the following:

  • anemia (due to blood loss caused by heavy periods);
  • chronic pelvic pain;
  • formation of adhesions in the fallopian tubes;
  • infertility;
  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • severe uterine bleeding; 
  • cancer of uterus and appendages.

If you have irregular, painful, heavy, or scanty period, do not delay treatment and see your doctor. Appointment with a gynecologist in Sumy at the medical center “On Clinic Sumy” is conducted around the clock by the specified phone number or through the appointment form on the website.

Ліщінська Тетяна Вілховна
Ліщінська Тетяна Вілховна
Doctor of department of gynecology

The cost of treatment of menstrual dysfunctions in Sumy

Initial appointment with an obstetrician-gynecologist without ultrasound
290 uah.
Initial appointment with an obstetrician-gynecologist with ultrasound
420 uah.
Consultative appointment with a gynecologist-endocrinologist
350 uah.
Repeated consultation appointment with obstetrician-gynecologist
230 uah.
Repeated diagnostic appointment with an obstetrician-gynecologist
290 uah.
ONLINE Consultation with a gynecologist-endocrinologist
350 uah.
ONLINE-Repeated consultation appointment with obstetrician-gynecologist
230 uah.
ONLINE-Repeated diagnostic appointment with obstetrician-gynecologist
290 uah.
ONLINE Consultation with a gynecologist-endocrinologist abroad
370 uah.
ONLINE Repeated consultation with an obstetrician-gynecologist abroad
420 uah.
ONLINE Repeated diagnostic appointment of an obstetrician-gynecologist abroad
350 uah.
Video colposcopy
275 uah.

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