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Trichology is a subdivision of dermatology and deals with the diagnostics and treatment of scalp diseases. The most common problem a trichologist deals with is baldness.

The lifespan of hair is 3-6 years, so the process of their natural loss occurs constantly and imperceptibly. An increase in the number of hairs on the brush when combing or their loss during washing indicates diseases of the scalp.

Causes of hair loss and scalp diseases

The scalp, as well as the skin of the face, is daily affected by unfavorable external factors - dust, sweat, sun, frost. Hair loss can be related to more than just scalp conditions.

Hair serves as a kind of indicator of health, hair loss can signal malfunctions in the body:

  • failures in the digestive tract;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • problems with the endocrine system;
  • deficiency of vitamins and minerals;
  • sexual and other infectious diseases.

An internal disease may not manifest itself, but proceed latently, and in order to identify it, you will need a comprehensive examination and consultation of highly specialized specialists.

Other causes of hair loss:

  • skin diseases - seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, ringworm;
  • hypothermia of the bare head in winter and exposure to the sun in summer;
  • improper care, dyeing and overdrying of hair;
  • decrease in the body's immune forces;
  • postoperative period;
  • drug allergy;
  • stress.

Hair loss is often observed in women after childbirth, which is explained by hormonal changes in the body.

How is hair treated at “ON Clinic Sumy”?

The methods used in the department of trichology of “ON Clinic Sumy” are aimed at treating scalp problems and strengthening hair follicles.

The medical center provides the following treatment services:

  • alopecia (androgenic, nested, diffuse, cicatricial, burning scalp syndrome);
  • baldness;
  • scalp peeling;
  • seborrhea and seborrheic dermatitis;
  • psoriasis and neurodermatitis of scalp;
  • scleroderma;
  • lichen planus;
  • decalvating folliculitis;
  • Hoffmann disruptive folliculitis;
  • dermotomecosis of the scalp.

At the first appointment with a trichologist, the patient is examined, a preliminary diagnosis and the cause of the problem are established, and additional diagnostics are prescribed. The obtained results of comprehensive examination give the doctor a basis for choosing a method and drawing up a treatment plan.

Hair treatment is a complex of methods using drug therapy and physiotherapeutic procedures: mesotherapy, scalp peeling, massage, instrument methods. The medical center uses modern equipment and uses certified medicinal products. Even early hair loss in young men can be cured.

HairMax laser therapy

One of the effective methods of scalp treatment used at ON Clinic Sumy is laser therapy using the HairMax apparatus. The device generates a low-frequency laser beam that goes directly to the hair follicles. Apparatus exposure is safe and painless and can be used as an alternative to drug treatment, and in combination with taking pharmacological drugs.

HairMax laser therapy has the following health benefits:

  • strengthening of blood vessels;
  •  improvement of follicle nutrition;
  • activation of hair growth;
  • general improvement of skin.

The use of HairMax comb is effective in the treatment of alopecia, itchy scalp, dandruff. Regular procedures allow to increase the density of the hairline, make hair strong, healthy, silky and manageable, restore natural pigmentation (reduce the amount of gray hair), get rid of scalp flaking. The result of laser therapy becomes noticeable within the first 12 weeks in 93% of patients.

Hair plasma lifting in Sumy 

One of the modern methods of treatment in trichology, which is used at our medical center, is the head plasma-lifting. Plasma lifting (plasma therapy) is an injection when platelet-rich blood plasma of the patient is injected into the scalp. Platelets release cellular growth factors that stimulate the development and repair of damaged hair follicles. As a component of complex therapy, trichologists use plasma lifting for hair loss, seborrheic dermatitis, diffuse baldness. The procedure is contraindicated in case of blood clotting disorders, exacerbation of chronic diseases, pregnancy, pustular eruptions.

During the visit, a trichologist establishes a diagnosis, talks about the rules for preparing hair for plasma therapy and determines an individual course of treatment.

Prevention of hair and scalp diseases

After the course of scalp treatment, the doctor will offer the patient a prophylaxis program aimed at consolidating the results obtained and maintaining the health of the hair and scalp:

  • take multivitamins to provide the body with the necessary amount of vitamins and microelements;
  • balance your diet, increase the proportion of fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • wear a hat in winter, protect hair from drying out in summer;
  • avoid drying with a hairdryer, less often use irons and curling irons;
  • use gentle dyes for staining;
  • use a shampoo selected by a trichologist;
  • do not wash your hair with too hot water;
  • do not use metal brushes.

 Seeking help from a specialist at an early stage of hair disease reduces the time of hair treatment.

You can make an appointment for a consultation with “ON Clinic Sumy” trichologist on the website or by calling the contact phone.

Cherniak Natalia Aleksandrovna
Cherniak Natalia Aleksandrovna
Doctor of department of trichology

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