Laboratory tests in Sumy

Laboratory test is examination of the properties of biological material (urine, blood, feces, organ tissues), their cellular and microbiological composition, allowing to obtain information about pathological processes in the body.

Semen, urine, feces, blood, sputum, swabs from the pharynx, nose and urogenital tract are taken for laboratory tests.

Procedure of laboratory testing?

Testing takes place in an equipped medical laboratory using sterile disposable instruments. “On Clinic Sumy” can perform the following types of tests:

  • clinical common urine test;
  • blood test for hormones;
  • coprogram (feces test);
  • test for vaginosis;
  • full blood count;
  • urinogenital cultures for fungal flora, microflora;
  • test of urine, prostate secretions, ejaculate for determination of STD causative agents (trichomoniasis, cytomegalovirus, ureaplasmosis, HPV, chlamydia). Smears are taken from the cervical canal, urethra, vagina;
  • НОМА index test;
  • test for blood clotting ability (coagulogram).

You can take PCR test for coronavirus in Sumy at the medical laboratory at “On Clinic Sumy”. The cost of PCR test can be found on the website or by phone. Coronavirus diagnostics include the following:

  • PCR test. For PCR diagnostics, a swab is taken from the nose or throat;
  • express test (the result accuracy reaches 90%). Blood for a test is taken from a finger;
  • ELISA test. For examination, blood is taken from a vein.

Is it necessary to have tests without a doctor's referral?

To have tests (ELISA test for coronavirus, clinical blood test, coprogram), a doctor's referral is not required. It is necessary to take COVID-19 test when symptoms of ARVI appear (headache, cough, fever, chills), return from the quarantine zone, contact with a person positively tested for coronavirus. Any doctor can refer you to tests for oncology if there is a suspicion of a malignant tumor.

After clinical common urine test, coagulogram and other laboratory tests, it is recommended to contact your doctor to read the results.

How to get prepared for testing?

Preparation for the laboratory tests depends on the type of examination. General recommendations for blood tests are as follows:

  • refrain from drinking alcohol at least a day before the examination;
  • refrain from smoked, fatty foods, foods containing dyes, on the eve of the testing day;
  • refrain from smoking one hour before testing.

Blood tests for hormones are taken on empty stomach. Depending on the hormone type, women need to know the day of their menstrual cycle. When taking a coronavirus test, one needs to refrain from brushing teeth, drinking, eating and smoking three hours before the examination.

You can ask the cost of coagulogram and biochemical blood test and other blood tests by calling the phone number listed on the website. You can get diagnosed for sexually transmitted diseases, coronavirus, take blood test for tumor markers in Sumy at the medical center at “On Clinic Sumy” by appointment.

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