Ultrasound examination in Sumy

Ultrasound examination is a safe and informative method for visualizing internal organs, blood vessels and soft tissues using high-frequency sound waves.

Ultrasonography of various organs is carried out for medical reasons.

We carry out:

Thus, women are referred to ultrasonography of pelvic organs to diagnose gynecological diseases, including menstrual dysfunctions, and ultrasonography of gastrointestinal tract is performed if gastroenterological diseases are suspected.

You can undergo ultrasonography in Sumy at the medical center “On Clinic Sumy” where ACUSON NX3 Elite device is used for diagnostics. The advantages of ACUSON NX3 Elite diagnostic device include the following:

  • the fastest possible diagnostics;
  • no discomfort and feeling of uneasiness;
  • no contraindications and side effects.

Types of ultrasound examinations in Sumy

Various types of ultrasound examinations are carried out at the medical center “On Clinic Sumy”:

  • ultrasonography of abdominal cavity;
  • ultrasonography of mammary glands;
  • ultrasonography of digestive tract;
  • ultrasonography of female pelvic organs;
  • ultrasonography of male pelvic organs;
  • ultrasonography of thyroid gland.

Only a doctor can read the ultrasonography results. Therefore, after the diagnostics, it is necessary to make appointment with the attending physician who referred to the examination. So, after the ultrasonography of gastrointestinal tract in Sumy, you should make appointment for a consultation by gastroenterologist, and after ultrasonography of thyroid gland - endocrinologist.

Pediatric ultrasonography in Sumy

Pediatric ultrasound diagnostics allows you to monitor the development of the child's organs and detect their slightest functional and anatomical abnormalities. Ultrasonography for children over seven years is performed on the doctor’s referral.

The advantages of a pediatric ultrasonography include the following:

  • safety for a developing child's body;
  • speed of the procedure;
  • high informative value.

Depending on which organ is being examined, children may require special preparation before performing ultrasonography in Sumy. So, ultrasound diagnostics of stomach is carried out on an empty stomach, and before ultrasonography of kidneys and adrenal glands in children, it is necessary to fill the bladder 30-40 minutes before the examination.

You can make appointment for ultrasonography in Sumy by calling the phones indicated on the website or through the appointment form. You can find out the cost of ultrasonogaphy in Sumy on the website and by phone.

Doctor of department of ultrasound

The cost of doctor ULTRASOUND appointments in Sumy

Ultrasound of the pelvic organs of men transrectally + transabdominally (kidneys, prostate gland, bladder)
Transrectal ultrasound of the pelvic organs of men (prostate gland, seminal vesicles)
Transabdominal ultrasound of the pelvic organs of men (kidneys, prostate gland, bladder)
Ultrasound of the abdominal organs (liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, retroperitoneal space (kidneys))
1700 uah
Determination of gallbladder function
Ultrasound of the salivary glands
Ultrasound of the kidneys and adrenal glands
Transabdominal ultrasound of the pelvic organs of men (prostate gland, seminal vesicles, bladder)
Ultrasound of superficial formations of soft tissues and peripheral lymph nodes (1 area)
Ultrasound of the urinary system (kidneys, bladder)
Ultrasound of the external genital organs of men (organs of the scrotum)
Package №1 Complex ultrasound of a woman's body
Package №2 Complex ultrasound of a man's body
Package №3 Complex ultrasound "Women's health"
Establishing the gestational age
Package №4 Complex ultrasound "Men's health"
Package "Women's health care"
Transabdominal ultrasound of the pelvic organs of women (uterus, appendages)
Transvaginal ultrasound of the pelvic organs of women (uterus, appendages)
Ultrasound of the pelvic organs of women, transvaginal + transabdominal
Ultrasound of the abdominal organs (liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen)
Thyroid ultrasound
Breast ultrasound

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