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I visited a trichologist Tominets O.V. with the problem of hair loss on recommendation. The doctor chose a treatment course for me - plasma therapy and a tableted course of treatment. I already have a positive result - the suspension of hair loss, hair growth. I am satisfied with the treatment.
Uzhgorod, 15.02.2021 Show answer
Hello Valentina. Thank you for finding the opportunity to share your history of contacting our clinic. We are glad that under the supervision of doctor O.V. Tominets you were able to get the desired result. Comfort and a modern approach to treatment are the main principles of our medical centers. We are always ready to help if necessary and wish you to stay healthy!
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I went to the clinic to the trichologist Oksana Vasilevna with the problem of hair loss. I liked the professionalism of the doctor. The prescribed treatments began to help restore hair. In general, I like the clinic, I will probably visit other specialists. I wish prosperity and grateful patients to the whole team.
Uzhgorod, 24.07.2020 Show answer
Hello, Elena! Thank you for your positive feedback and good wishes. We are glad that our doctor Oksana Vasilevna Tominets helped solve the problem that worried you. It is important for us to know that you are satisfied with the result of contacting “ON Clinic Uzhgorod”, the atmosphere of reception and the quality of medical care. Stay healthy!
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I faced a problem of hair thinning. I consulted very good specialist Zheludkova Nataliya Vasilyevna. She is a competent doctor; besides, unlike many other doctors, she recommends procedures and tests in order to really help but not to make a patient pay as much as possible. I am very pleased, I will continue the treatment.
Odessa, 31.03.2020 Show answer
Hello, Vladislav. Thank you for your sincere feedback and kind words. We aim to provide our patients to the maximum with comfortable conditions at every stage of their visiting clinic. Zheludkova Nataliya Vasilyevna is an experienced and skilled specialist and you could learn it at first hand. We are glad that you remained pleased with the result of your visit to "ON Clinic Оdessа". We are always ready to help and stay healthy.
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I visited the clinic 3 months ago and I am under supervision medical and treatment by trichologist Antibura V.V. I am very pleased with the doctor’s attitude, her politeness, inner quietness that calms you and fills with confidence in the positive result. I like the arrangement of the clinic, its cleanliness, carefulness and politeness of the whole personnel. The possibility to see a doctor almost without waiting in line is also good news. It is also convenient that all tests can be done in the clinic. The prices are rather moderate. Thank you!
Dnepr, 21.03.2020 Show answer
Hello, Yana. Thank you for your positive feedback and kind words about our specialist. Comfort at every stage of visiting our medical center is one of the basic principles of the clinics of our Network, and the professionalism of doctors, modern equipment and high-quality consumables are the key to high indicators of the effectiveness of medical diagnostic processes. We are always ready to help when necessary and stay healthy.
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It is the second time that I visited the clinic. I was very pleased with the attitude of the staff. Everybody is friendly and very discreet. I had an appointment with the doctor trichologist Antibura V.V. The doctor is competent and in tune for a positive result. After the tests, treatment was prescribed. I really hope for a positive result! There are no doubts! I will recommend Antibura V.V. Only the most positive impressions!
Dnepr, 18.03.2020 Show answer
Hello, Anastasiya. Thank you for your positive feedback about the work of our specialist. We are glad that the visit to our clinic went off well and in a friendly atmosphere. We would like to note that only skilled professionals work at our clinic and we are always intent on improving the quality of medical service. We are always ready to help when necessary. Stay healthy!
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I visited trichologist Zheludkova N. V at ON Clinic Odessa. I was welcomed from the very threshold on the reception and was shown the way to the room where the doctor listened to my problem, carried out the examination, took tests and gave her opinion. I remained very satisfied.
Odessa, 22.01.2020 Show answer
Hello. Thank you for your positive feedback. We aim to provide the most comfortable conditions for our patients at each stage of their visit to the clinic. Zheludkova Nataliya Vasilyevna is an experienced and skilled specialist and you could learn it first-hand. We are glad that you remained satisfied with the result of your visit to our clinic. We are always ready to help when necessary and stay healthy.
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They are just making money on people, prices are sky-high, they forced to buy expensive lotion for UAH 1250, which really costs UAH 700 in Ukraine. What confidence can there be in a doctor who sees in you only a means for his enrichment? There is no help there.
Uzhgorod, 21.01.2020 Show answer
Hello Yurii! Our medical center officially provides paid medical services according to the approved price list, payment is made on a voluntary basis. Each patient has the right, at his/her discretion, to choose a medical institution and a doctor at an acceptable cost of services, since free medicine exists only conditionally. Stay healthy!
Service Quality Control Department
Hello. I am writing a review for the first time in my life, really I can’t stand it anymore. I am a regular customer of On Clinic. I have been followed up by several doctors. I am very pleased with the work of Orlenko and Skorikova, the doctors who really help to restore health in order, before that I visited specialists at other medical facilities and was unhappy with the result. And now the bad part: since the start of autumn, appointment scheduling malfunctions constantly, the most important thing is that administrators report this when you approach them yourself, at least you need to warn and apologize. I read the reviews about the clinic and shocked by the format of the responses to the displeased visitors of your clinic. One girl was told something like "You threw a tantrum ...", no matter what tantrum a client throws, it is unacceptable to answer that way. Recently I went to the trichologist, I was referred to do tests for 900 UAH (and I was not indignant, well, ok, I need to), when I wanted to make an appointment, it turned out that the doctor was on vacation and I made an appointment with another one. When I came to the appointment, the doctor could not be bothered to read my chart (the previous doctor described in detail the diagnoses of Skorikova and Orlenko and what I am being treated for and also what I was sick with). He asked me for this information (however, not in full), then he told me that if I wanted to receive a treatment regimen, I had to pay 200 hryvnias (ok, if I need to). And what am I getting? Shampoo for hair loss and basic vitamins for hair. All fine and dandy but why did I take tests for 900 hryvnias and where are the explanations for the results? I am extremely dissatisfied with today's appointment, and I also want that when my first doctor returns from vacation, they will tell me in detail about the results of the tests and write out the normal treatment (or justify this treatment regimen, and also why then I had to take tests) and I don’t I want to pay for it again. I had to write a review, since there was no time to sort out the clinic because the appointment was delayed again (for 20 minutes). Chart Number 50163.
Kharkiv, 22.12.2018 Show answer
Hello Alexandra. Thank you for the dialogue with the Quality Assurance Service. We want to note that sometimes delays in appointments occur, and we cannot always influence the reasons. We always focus our patients on the importance of adhering to the schedule of appointments and minimizing delays in appointments, due to which there are disruptions in the schedule of appointments. We are grateful to all patients for an objective assessment of the work of the clinic and our specialists, the format of analysis and answers is carried out only in a business style without personal attacks. The scope of the prescribed diagnostics is always well-reasoned, determined on the basis of the problem to identify all etiological factors. If the problem of treatment is secondary, an integrated approach is needed in the diagnosis and subsequent treatment, and often requires correction of the condition and observation by doctors of several specialties. Each patient perceives information by virtue of their capabilities, hence the misunderstanding arises. If the information is not clear, you can always ask questions to the doctor during the visit or through the contact center operators. We are glad that at the moment you understand the proposed tactics, you are welcome for the next visit at the clinic according to the appointment. We are always ready to help!
Service Quality Control Department
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