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I came to the office about 1.5 weeks ago to get some lab work completed. I am traveling so I asked for the results to be emailed to me. The actual visit went well. Some of the results were emailed to me but it seems like several are missing. I also received results from the same test 3 times with different values. Lastly, my name in the email was slightly incorrect (possibly because of my handwritting). It should be William Browne instead of Wzuiam Browne. Please check into this and email with the rest of the results. My rating would be a 5 with the correct results. Thank you.
Odessa, 19.06.2023 Show answer
Good afternoon, William. Thank you for your feedback. The information has been verified from our side and corrections have been made. We apologize for the inconvenience. The information has been sent to your email. Always ready to help, we wish you good health.
Service Quality Control Department
I took tests at "ON Clinic" on Kholodnaya Gora. Very qualified and polite medical staff. The laboratory assistant performs blood sampling qualitatively and painlessly. The professional is pleasant and friendly. There are discounts. No queues. There are no complaints at all. I like it. Stay always like that!
Kharkiv, 18.02.2022 Show answer
Good afternoon Lubov. Thank you for such a nice review. We are very pleased that you were satisfied with the level of service in our medical center. We will try to continue to meet your expectations and provide only the highest level of medical services. We wish you good health.
Service Quality Control Department
Great charming personnel. Great test, very quick and easy.
Kharkiv, 28.05.2021 Show answer
Good afternoon. It’s important for us to know that you are satisfied with the result of your visit to the medical center and the quality of service. Thanks for your feedback. We wish you good health.
Service Quality Control Department
good service . and bad clinic . i have been waiting mor than 1 h for my results
Kharkiv, 17.12.2020 Show answer
Hello. The results of the analyzes are issued in accordance with the scheduled deadline, which was done. Always ready to help. We wish you a good health.
Service Quality Control Department
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