Lab tests in Odessa

Modern medicine has reached such a level that many diseases, including the most serious ones, are cured in the early stages.

That is why it is so important to notice the slightest disturbances in the body and their accompanying symptoms and contact a medical facility.

What lab tests can I do at “ON Lab Odessa”?

You can do the following tests at the laboratory of "ON Lab Odessa":

  • PCR and EIA tests for coronavirus;
  • tests of PCR, DNA for gardnerellosis, herpes, gonorrhea, candidiasis (vaginal yeast infection), E. coli, condylomas, mycoplasma, papilloma, staphylococcus, streptococcus, trichomoniasis, chlamydia, cytomegalovirus, ureaplasma and others;
  •  microbiocenosis test.

Besides, different types of blood tests are available:

  • blood tests for hepatitis B, C;
  • tests for the determination of hormones in blood serum;
  • antibiotic sensitivity tests;
  • biochemical blood test (shows information about metabolism in the body and the need for microelements).

You can do the tests both with and without a doctor's referral.

Why to do tests?

The test results allow diagnosing accurately various diseases and identify pathologies in the early stages of development. After conducting lab tests, the doctor prescribes the most effective treatment regimen. The tests taken during the course of treatment make it possible to monitor the effectiveness of the prescribed therapy.

Lab tests show the following:

  • infectious agents;
  • quantitative content of glucose (sugar in the blood), creatinine, urea, cholesterol and other substances in the body;
  • concentration of hormones;
  • presence of tumor markers.

To make an appointment for testing, call the phone number indicated on the website or fill out the online form. You can make appointment around the clock.

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