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Mammology in Odessa

Mammology is a medical area that specializes in studying the structure and functions of the mammary glands.

Normal development and work of this glandular tissue are regulated by the overall endocrine profile of the female body.

We specialize in:

Incorrect nutrition, frequent stress, uncontrolled intake of medications, and poor urban ecology disrupt the production of hormones, which affects the condition of the mammary glands. As a result, the percentage of fibrotic and cystic neoplasms in the breast is constantly growing. In order to notice and stop the pathological process in time, it is recommended to visit the mammologist regularly.

Symptoms of mammary gland diseases

The frequency of visits to mammologist depends on the following:

  • the general health status of a woman: with strong immunity, the probability of developing mammary gland diseases is lower;
  • the genetic predisposition: if cases of mastopathy, cancer, cysts were recorded among relatives, an examination is required every six months;
  • the presence of primary symptoms indicating the change in tissue structure.

Usually, the first suspicions of the disease occur in women with self-detection of breast

lumps. In most cases, they are harmless and do not indicate pathological processes, but only the mammologist can accurately determine the nature of the lesion. 

It is also recommended not to postpone the visit to a specialist in case of the following symptoms:

  • painful breast lumps;
  • redness and inflammation near the nipples;
  • purulent or watery discharge with an unpleasant odor.

Most often, doctors diagnose the following diseases.

1. Mastopathy. It is caused by a sharp proliferation of fibrous tissue, leading to the appearance of benign neoplasms. Usually, the disease is provoked by a violation of the hormonal balance. It may not bother the patient over the years. But a patient should not delay the treatment: there is always the risk of degeneration of mastopathy in a cancerous tumor.

2. Fibroadenoma of the mammary gland. This disease is associated with the pathological growth of glandular cells. It occurs both in young girls and in women after 40 In the initial stages, fibroadenoma does not cause discomfort, so it is most often found only on examination by a doctor.

3. Mastitis. It is an inflammatory disease most often developing during lactation and caused by obstruction of the ducts. The characteristic symptoms include an increase and redness of the breast, its soreness, a rise in body temperature.

4. Engorgement. The condition associated with galactostasis in the gland. It is usually caused by tight underwear, irregular or insufficient emptying of the mammary glands, stress.The main danger is that galactostasis leads to mastitis.

Any breast disease can be quickly and effectively cured at the initial stage without surgery.

How is the treatment of mammary gland problems performed in “ON Clinic Odessa”?

“ON Clinic Odessa” is a modern medical center, which has all conditions for the rapid and accurate diagnosis of mammary gland diseases and their effective treatment.

An examination by a mammologist involves the collection of anamnesis and palpation. In case of suspected development of the disease, additional tests are scheduled: ultrasound, puncture. Based on the results of the tests, the treatment is prescribed. During therapy, repeated visits to a specialist are required to monitor the progress of the patient’s recovery. In addition, the mammologist gives recommendations for the prevention of mammary gland diseases.

For the arrangement of a primary visit to a doctor please call on the contact phone numbers of the clinic.

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Turko Olha Vladyslavivna
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