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Scalp and hair diseases require a special approach to treatment, as there are not only the external symptoms but also the internal ones (problems with vegetative, endocrine, digestive systems).

The complexity of the trichological pathologies is that they cause psychological inconveniences and complexes associated with thinning or hair loss, constant itchy sensations, the appearance of scruf on clothes.

We specialize in:

Trichologist consultation is necessary if you observe:

  • hair loss;
  • premature graying;
  • excessively oily or dry scalp;
  • brittle, split ends;
  • itching of the scalp;
  • dull hair;
  • scruf;
  • slowing the hair growth;
  • baldness.

The primary visit to a trichologist involves history taking, visual examination of the scalp, studying the structure of the hair with a trichoscope. To establish a precise diagnosis, a set of instrumental-laboratory tests is assigned, which makes it possible to identify the exact causes of the disease and to prescribe the appropriate therapy.

Specialists of "ON Clinic Odesa" use a personal approach to each patient, aimed not only at eliminating unpleasant symptoms but also at achieving the maximum persistent therapeutic effect. For this purpose medication, meso-and physiotherapy procedures are prescribed. Only an integrated approach to the treatment of the scalp diseases can "awaken" the hair follicles, restore their vital force, stop or completely prevent early baldness.

Treatment in the trichological department is the first stage on the way to eliminating unpleasant symptoms of the diseases, returning the hairstyle its former splendor and healthy shine. It is a good practice to consult a trichologist with the aim of prevention measures, to improve the structure of the hair, to prevent its early loss.

Our specialists treat the following diseases:

  • scruf and itchy scalp;
  • scalp psoriasis;
  • alopecia – nesting, diffuse, androgenetic;
  • seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp.

The timely advice of the trichologist and complex diagnosis of the organism are the guarantee of getting rid of most of the problems associated with the scalp and hair. Since the genetic disposition plays a special role in the occurrence of the diseases mentioned above, regular preventive examinations are recommended for the patients related to the high-risk group (if there were cases of psoriasis or early alopecia in the genus).

After establishing the precise diagnosis, the doctor will develop an appropriate treatment scheme aimed at eliminating unpleasant symptoms (itching, scruf, hair loss, etc.) and their causes.

In order to treat the scalp diseases the following methods are used:

  • medicine (for external and internal use);
  • mesotherapy;
  • physiotherapy.

In addition to the treatment course, an experienced trichologist in Odesa will make recommendations for a balanced diet to preserve the vitality of the hair; will select suitable cosmetics for home care. Specialists of "ON Clinic Odesa" systematically check the effectiveness of the therapy process on scheduled examinations, and the control diagnostics will help to ensure the complete recovery.

Getting rid of scruf, hair loss, seborrhea and other problems of the scalp ensures a recovery effect, as well as getting rid of the psychological discomfort. if you want to consult a trichologist, just fill in the feedback form on the website or dial the number indicated in the "Contact". 

Savkun Viktoria Valeriivna
Savkun Viktoria Valeriivna
Doctor of department of trichology

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