Gynecology in Odessa

Almost everyone has heard repeatedly from the news that due to the bad environment, and many other influencing factors modern women increasingly begin to meet gynecological diseases, especially such a serious disease such as cancer of the cervix.

The good news is that in gynecology of ON Clinic Odessa a qualified gynecologist will help you to get rid of genital infections, menstrual disorders, various cervical abnormalities and other diseases.

In our clinic, you will also be helped in planning a pregnancy or individual selection of contraceptives. Emergency contraception, taking the necessary measures to medication abortion in early pregnancy (up to 5 weeks) – all this is possible in the gynecological center ON Clinic Odessa.

Regular preventive consultation of private gynecologist in Odessa and its reception in a timely manner will help draw attention to the dangerous diseases or even prevent their occurrence in the future. Complex medical examination in women's gynecological clinic ON Clinic with high accuracy diagnoses the patient, then a good gynecologist will determine treatment. Recorded on the initial examination, you will not only receive a comprehensive medical consultation, but also pass the full range of all necessary surveys.

The best gynecologists of the clinic will help you return to a rich and healthy life as quickly as possible. For this we use modern and effective techniques that help without pain and surgeries to get rid of dangerous diseases. Prices in gynecology in Odessa depend on many factors: it is the visit itself, and the cost of additional analyzes in each individual case. Detailed information and prices for gynecological services can be obtained by contacting with the problem over the phone or by filling out the form "Price verification".

Also as a part of the network of health centers there accepts a gynecologist in Poltava, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk and other cities.

To the medical center ON Clinic Odessa one refers for the following services and treatment of these diseases:

  • Cervical erosion;
  • Inflammation of the genital organs of women;
  • Pregnancy test;
  • The selection of contraceptives;
  • The introduction / removal of an intrauterine loop;
  • Preparing for pregnancy;
  • Infertility (diagnosis, consultation, treatment);
  • Climax (menopause);
  • Violation of the menstrual cycle;
  • Delay of the menstrual cycle;
  • Gynecological ultrasound;
  • Adnexitis (inflammation of the appendages; types: chronic, acute, sub-acute, left-sided, right-sided, double-sided);
  • Oophoritis (inflammation of the ovaries);
  • Salpingo (chronic inflammation of the appendages);
  • Salpingitis (inflammation of the fallopian tubes);
  • Vulvitis (inflammation of the vulva);
  • Vaginitis (coleitis, vaginosis, an inflammation of the vaginal mucosa). Types: trichomonas, bacterial, non-specific, atrophic, candidiasis, fungal, aerobic, chronic, mixed;
  • Vulvovaginitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the vagina and vulva);
  • Endometritis (inflammation of the lining of the uterus);
  • Cervicitis (inflammation of the cervix);
  • Endocervicitis (inflammation of the cervical canal);
  • Bacterial vaginosis (backvaginosis, bacterial vaginosis, dysbiosis of the vagina);
  • Candidiasis (thrush);
  • Endometriosis;
  • Beli;
  • Obstruction of the fallopian tubes;
  • Ovarian dysfunction;
  • Ectopic (cervical pseudoerosion);
  • Cervical dysplasia;
  • Endometrial hyperplasia of the uterus (including glandular, cystic, glandulocystica, simple, complex, alopecia);
  • Hyperpolymenorea (abundant long periods);
  • polymenorea (short menstrual cycle);
  • dysmenorrhea (painful periods);
  • ovarian cysts (including follicular, endometroid);
  • cervical cyst;
  • Polycystic ovaries;
  • Removing of condillomas (on the labia, in the vagina, on the vulva, cervix);
  • Removal of papillomas (pubic, on the labia, in the vagina, on the vulva, cervix);
  • Removal of polyps (the cervical canal, cervix);
  • Uterine fibroids (including subserous, nodal), conservative treatment;
  • Uterine fibroids (conservative treatment);
  • Uterine leiomyoma (conservative treatment).

If you need a gynecologist, make a call! Make an appointment in a private gynecological clinic ON Clinic Odessa by the phone at (0482) 32-8888, round the clock or by filling out a simple form of an appointment on our website.

Yushchenko Tatiana Aleksandrovna
Yushchenko Tatiana Aleksandrovna
Doctor of department of gynecology

The cost of doctor gynecology appointments in Odessa

Initial appointment with an obstetrician-gynecologist without ultrasound
Initial appointment with an obstetrician-gynecologist with transvaginal ultrasound
Repeated consultation appointment with obstetrician-gynecologist
ONLINE-Repeated consultation appointment with obstetrician-gynecologist
ONLINE-Primary appointment with obstetrician-gynecologist
Consultation with a gynecological oncologist
ONLINE Consultation with a gynecological oncologist
ONLINE Consultation with a gynecologist oncologist abroad
ONLINE Initial appointment with obstetrician-gynecologist abroad
ONLINE Repeated consultation with an obstetrician-gynecologist abroad
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