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Otolaryngology in Odesa

Many people face such symptoms as nasal congestion, hearing loss, a pressure sensation in the forehead area.

Their examination and treatment underlie the scope of otolaryngology - the area of medicine, which studies the physiology of the respiratory tract, pharynx, trachea and ears.

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Otolaryngologists (or ENT doctors) use modern diagnostic and therapeutic techniques to restore quickly and effectively the health of patients.

Symptoms of ear, nose and throat diseases

It is necessary to arrange a visit to an ENT at detecting the following signs:

  • hearing loss, the sensation of congestion;
  • pain in the ears;
  • purulent or other discharge from the auditory canals;
  • cough;
  • itching or pain in the larynx or trachea;
  • shortness of breath;
  • nasal congestion;
  • pain in the maxillary sinuses (appears in case of tilt of the head).

In many cases, the disease is accompanied by a sharp increase in temperature, general weakness, adynamia and drowsiness.

Symptomatology can differ depending on the organ inwhich the pathology and its causes are localized.

The most common diseases in otolaryngology:

  • rhinitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • otitis.

Also, the consultation of the ENT is necessary with loss of hearing for no apparent reason (the formation of a cerumen impaction is possible) and mechanical injuries to the ears.

Most often the ear, nose and throat diseases develop due to bacterial or viral pathogens.Having entered into the human body, they affect the tissues, causing their inflammation. The main danger of such diseases lies in the fact that many people try to cure themselves on their

own without a precise diagnosis. In this case, the symptoms are simply “muffled”: the pain in the throat disappears or the nasal congestion is removed, but the pathological process is preserved.

In the case of untreated diseases of the ears, throat and nose, the patient has the risk of the following problems:

  • development of bronchitis or pneumonia;
  • occurrence of purulent lesions;
  • decreased hearing and visual acuity.

In case of severe inflammatory processes, all organ systems suffer, including cardiovascular (myocarditis and endocarditis develop), digestive (colitis and duodenitis), and musculoskeletal system (joint damage).

Timely consultation of the ENT doctor enables to perform timely diagnostics, to establish accurately the nature of the disease and choose the most effective treatment method taking into account the patient’s condition.

How is the examination and treatment by ENT doctor performed?

The initial visit at an otolaryngologist depends on the patient’s complaints. Usually, it includes an examination of the affected organ (for example, ear palpation, examination of the state of the tympanic membrane and auditory canals), the prescription of additional tests, the development of a treatment regimen, and other manipulations necessary for recovery. Laboratory and instrumental examinations enable to determine accurately the current state of the body and the affected organ, to detect developmental pathologies if any.

Based on the results of the tests, an accurate diagnosis is made and a treatment regimen is developed. The otolaryngologist monitors the process until the patient is fully recovered. For this purpose, repeated examinations and, if necessary, new studies are assigned.

A visit to a qualified ENT in Odessa allows you to recover quickly and to prevent complications or recurrent diseases. The center of otolaryngology “ON Clinic Odessa” is provided with all necessary equipment for diagnosis and treatment. Experienced specialists work in our clinic and you can arrange a visit to them by the contact phone of the clinic.

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Shvets Pavlo Ivanovych
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