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The human body is a complex and harmonious system, the coordinated functioning of which can be disrupted by various external factors: viruses, bacteria, fungi, toxins, allergens.

Every person experiences unpleasant symptoms throughout life. Ailment, weakness, feeling of “overexhaustion” - this is usually perceived as a sign of ordinary fatigue.

But together with a headache, sleep disturbance, fever may indicate a latent course of pathological processes.

In order to diagnose accurately the body condition and help it recover, it is recommended to consult with a general practitioner in Odessa.

What does a general practitioner do?

A general practitioner conducts the initial consultation of patients, examines, listens to complaints and refers to lab tests.

The range of diseases that general practitioners deal with is quite wide:

Visit to a general practitioner does not replace the consultation by a narrowly focused specialist: otolaryngologist, urologist, gastroenterologist or another doctor. If the general practitioner concludes that the patient should be examined by a specialist of a certain profile, the doctor gives the appropriate referral.

After diagnosing a disease, the general practitioner develops a treatment regimen and monitors the patient's recovery.

With what symptoms should I see a general practitioner?

You should consult a general practitioner in Odessa if you encounter any abnormalities in the functioning of the body.

The main symptoms indicating the presence of occult diseases are:

  • exhaustion;
  • ailment;
  • drowsiness;
  • temperature rise;
  • subfebrile temperature;
  • loss of coordination;
  • shortness of breath;
  • increased heart rate;
  • rashes on the body of unknown etiology;
  • pain without clear localization and character;
  • headaches;
  • spinal pain;
  • pain in the limbs, lower back;
  • sleep disturbances;
  • depressive state;
  • swelling;
  • increased irritability.

You should see a doctor if you have a cough or nasal discharge, stool disturbances, urine discoloration, or burning sensation when urinating. Any physical discomfort is a reason to visit a general practitioner in Odessa.

When the first signs of ailment appear, postpone a visit to a specialist and do not self-medicate. Only a qualified doctor can accurately diagnose diseases and develop an effective treatment regimen. Uncontrolled intake of medications will only hide the symptoms of pathology, but will not lead to recovery. In the future, self-medication can complicate the diagnosis and cause the development of complications.

How is a visit to a general practitioner going?

The medical center "ON Clinic" employs qualified therapists who regularly improve their skills.

The examination includes:

  • pre-assessment;
  • making a diagnosis;
  • referral to  a list of required additional tests;
  • development of a treatment plan for diseases of a general therapeutic profile;
  • appointment of a course of physiotherapy;
  • referral to consultations by highly specialized specialists;
  • monitoring the effectiveness of treatment;
  • systematic management of patients with chronic types of pathologies;
  • preventive examinations.

Based on the collected anamnesis, additional tests are prescribed. A repeated visit to a general practitioner in Odessa is necessary to decipher the test results, make a diagnosis, and develop a treatment regimen.

In the future, the specialist manages a patient until complete recovery of the latter, if necessary, corrects the initial therapy plan, depending on the body's response to the prescribed medications and physiotherapy.

Flue vaccination in Odessa

Flue vaccination can increase the immune system's resistance to influenza viruses. The vaccine contains a protein of the pathogen, to which the immune system reacts and begins to produce specific antibodies. As a result, when faced with a pathogen during the cold season, the immune system is ready for this - the disease does not develop, but is quickly suppressed by the body's defenses.

The medical center "ON Clinic Odessa" uses two vaccines:

  • “Vaxigrip Tetra” (France);
  • Influenza vaccine "GC Flu" (South Korea).

Both drugs comply with WHO recommendations. Get a flu shot at the medical center “ON Clinic Odessa”.

You can make an appointment with a general practitioner at the medical center “ON Clinic Odessa” equipped with modern diagnostic devices. With their help, doctors manage to establish diagnosis quickly and develop an effective therapy regimen.

The medical center employs experienced general practitioners who improve their qualifications on a regular basis. You can make an appointment with a general practitioner in Odessa using the contact phone numbers listed on the website.

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