Pediatric dermatologist in Mykolaiv

The child’s skin is more delicate and thinner than skin of adults, that is why it is more susceptible to the effects of pathogens - viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Close-fitting underwear, synthetic clothing, wounds and calluses often become the root causes of serious diseases: lichen, dermatitis.

Children complain of itching, they have rashes on the body, and their appetite worsens. Any problems with child’s skin are the reason to make an appointment with pediatric dermatologist in Mykolaiv.

What does pediatric dermatologist treat?

Dermatologist deals with skin diseases occurred at the early age (under 18). The most common diseases dermatologist deals with are the following:

  • furunculosis - purulent inflammation of the follicle, accompanied by swelling and redness of the tissues, soreness, in some cases - increase in temperature;
  • reptoderma - bacterial lesion when streptococcal colony begins to develop on the skin surface, causing redness, ulcers and pustules;
  • herpes - common name for a number of infections caused by the herpes virus. It affects the skin, mucous membranes, nervous system. For example, chickenpox also refers to herpes infections;
  • urticaria - skin lesion caused by an acute reaction to an allergen. The main symptom is a characteristic bright red rash in children, resembling nettle burns.

Pediatric dermatologist in Mykolaiv also deals with parasitic or fungal lesions of the epidermis (for example, lichen). You should also visit specialist in case of problems with child’s skin during adolescence period – severe acneiform rash.

Symptoms pediatric dermatologist deals with

Dermatological pathologies occur in different ways, but the main signs are as follows:

  • appearance of spots on the skin that differ in color or texture from the rest of the skin;
  • temperature increase;
  • skin itching, including in the genital area;
  • swelling on skin;
  • appearance of papillomas or other neoplasms.

Some diseases may also be accompanied by symptoms of general intoxication (headache, apathy, weakness). In some cases rash in children may indicate food poisoning or allergies. In this case, the doctor will refer to pediatric gastroenterologist or pediatric endocrinologist.

Where can one visit pediatric dermatologist in Mykolaiv?

You can visit pediatric dermatologist in Mykolaiv at medical center “ON Clinic”. We have experienced doctors specializing in treatment of young patients. In order to make appointment for consultation, call us at the clinic contact number.

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