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Clinical laboratory research is a complex of methods aimed at obtaining objective information about the state of various systems of human organs.

The study of the results enables doctors to establish diagnosis quickly and accurately and to monitor the course of treatment.

To obtain reliable information, professionalism of specialists and the use of modern equipment are important, as well as observance of simple rules of preparation for laboratory analysis.

A private lab "ON Lab" is available in Nikolaev. Analyzes are carried out accurately, quickly using modern equipment.

How to prepare for the tests?

The preparation for clinical laboratory research depends on what procedure is prescribed to the patient. The features of preparation can be clarified directly at the appointment of the specialist. But there are general rules.

For example, to submit blood samples correctly, you need the following:

  • on the eve before visiting the laboratory, refuse to eat fried, smoked and other heavy food, do not drink alcohol;
  • do not take potent medication (only vital drugs are allowed);
  • do not smoke at least an hour before visiting a specialist.

Otherwise, the results will be distorted, and the doctor will not receive reliable information about the work of the body.

If a biochemical blood test is to be performed, it must be done on an empty stomach. As a rule, such studies are scheduled for the morning, so the patient should refuse a tight dinner and any breakfast (non-carbonated unsweetened water is allowed). Also, it is necessary to refuse high physical and mental loads, emotional stresses as they are able to influence the endocrine profile and change the biochemistry of blood.

The procedure for submitting test samples in “ON Clinic”

The modern clinical laboratory of the medical center “ON Clinic” guarantees fast and accurate preparation of the results of the examinations and complete confidentiality of the patient’s personal data. Due to the latest equipment, laboratory blood tests take a minimum of time.

Qualified personnel does their best so that the collection of medical samples does not cause discomfort. Disposable sterile instruments are used, each patient receives maximum attention.

You can find out more information or make an appointment for laboratory diagnostics on the site or by contact numbers of “ON Clinic Nikolaev”. We will be happy to help you!

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