Pediatric ENT-specialist in Mykolaiv

Otolaryngologist or ENT-specialist treats ears, throat and nose of children under 18.

Due to the anatomical peculiarities (short and wide auditory canal, a large amount of lymphoid tissue) and imperfect immune protection, babies are more prone to ENT infections.

Hypothermia, a draft, water entering the ears in the pool, or even change of climate zone during rest can lead to the fact that child could complain of pain in ears, mucous membrane of the throat and nose swells, and runny nose appears.

At the first signs of cold, it is recommended to visit pediatric ENT department in Mykolaiv. Our doctors will examine the young patient, prescribe tests, make accurate diagnosis and select the most effective treatment taking into account the baby’s age and well-being.

Symptoms pediatric otolaryngologist deals with

The first signs of ENT-infections in children are the following:

  • irritation and pain in the throat;
  • painful swallowing;
  • loss of voice (hoarseness);
  • nasal discharge;
  • pain in sinuses, ears;
  • temperature increase.

The disease is often accompanied by lethargy, apathy, loss of appetite. The child may sleep poorly, with difficulty breathing: shortness of breath intensifies during physical exertion. Also hearing problem can be a characteristic symptom of some ENT infections.

ENT pathologies can be caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, but sometimes children can have tinnitus for some other reasons: for example, due to mechanical injury to the eardrum, sulfur plug or neurological problems. In order to establish accurately the cause of disease and select effective treatment, it is necessary to visit pediatric ENT department in Mykolaiv.

What does ENT-specialist examine in children?

Examination by pediatric otolaryngologist is performed in the presence of parents of foster parents. The doctor gathers patient intake, examines visually the mucous membrane of the nose and throat, checks the external auditory canal, the integrity of eardrum membrane. If necessary, the following examinations are prescribed:

  • clinical blood and urine analysis;
  • biochemical blood test;
  • X-ray of nasal sinuses;
  • mucosa swab.

Based on results, accurate diagnosis is made. During treatment, follow-up visit to pediatric doctor may be required to monitor therapy, adjust the dose of medication, prescribe physiotherapeutic procedures. You can make appointment for initial consultation at pediatric ENT department in Mykolaiv by calling at contact number of medical center “ON Clinic Mykolaiv”.

Dermenzhy Oleg Ivanovych
Dermenzhy Oleg Ivanovych
Doctor of department of pediatric otolaryngology

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