Vaccinations for adults in Nikolayev

The immune system protects the body from the activity of dangerous viruses, bacteria and fungi by producing specific antibodies. These antibodies fight in the body against specific pathogens.

The vaccine involves the activation of immunity to protect against harmful pathogens. Vaccination does not guarantee 100% that a vaccinated person will not get sick, but it will be able to provide a favorable and safe course of the disease without risk to health.

Infectious diseases are dangerous at any age. Vaccination of adults is an effective way to prevent them.

What vaccinations do adults get at “ON Clinic Nikolayev”?

Indications for vaccination are shots failed to be made in childhood, revaccination according to the vaccination session, or the presence of risk factors (crossing the epidemiological threshold in the region, contact with patients). In Nikolayev, adults are vaccinated from:

  • hepatitis B (“Engerix B” vaccine);
  • chickenpox (“Varilrix”);
  • pneumococcal infection (“Prevenar”);
  • measles, rubella, parotitis (“Priorix”);
  • diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (“Boostrix”) or diphtheria and tetanus every 10 years (“ADS-M-Biolek”);
  • meningococcus, every 2-3 years (“Menaktra”);
  • papilloma virus for women under 45 years old (“Cervarix”).

Vaccination against hepatitis B or other infectious diseases will not be harmful for adults even if the vaccination was made in childhood. On the contrary, immunization will strengthen immunity to infection and help protect health.

You can also vaccinate for the prevention of influenza and its complications "Vaxigripp Tetra" (country of origin France). Antiviral antibodies persist for a year after vaccination and provide immunity against influenza viruses.

The cost of doctor vaccinations appointments in Nikolaev

Vaccination Prevenar-13
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