Pediatrician in Mykolaiv

Pediatrician usually leads his patient from birth having family medical history.

Such practice helps to diagnose pathologies quicker, prevent risks of disease and have individual approach to each case.

Symptoms pediatrician deals with

Any complaint of a child on being sick can be a cause to visit pediatrician for consultation. These are the symptoms pediatrician deals with in most cases:

  • permanent fatigability;
  • obvious development gap with per groups;
  • child is passive, supine before ambient objects;
  • elevated body temperature;
  • change in bowel movement nature;
  • slow weight gain, loss of appetite;
  • lasting hunger, rapid occurrence of fat deposits;
  • rash and redness of skin;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • pallescence;
  • excessive fatigability after physical exercises;
  • cough, hoarseness.

Visit frequency to pediatrician

During the first visit, pediatrician makes general examination, provides baby care recommendations to the parents. Within the first month, visits to pediatrician and routine examinations are necessary in order to control child’s development. Also the pediatrician performs reflex evaluation, controls the dynamics of newborn’s growth and weight gain. It is essential to make timely vaccinations and tests, if the doctor deems it necessary.

During the first year of child’s life, you should visit doctor every month. The doctor will provide you with recommendations on feeding and immune system reinforcement, general development; refer to specialists, when necessary (neurologist, surgeon, etc.), as well as routine vaccinations.

Hereinafter, the pediatrician is needed for individual consultations (for instance, in case of disease) and routine vaccinations.

Examinations by pediatrician are necessary even if it is not the first child and the parents have experience in baby care matters.

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