Diagnostics and examination of the body in Nikolaev

In Western countries, it is common to undergo a medical examination every year.

People understand that it is much safer and cheaper to detect the disease at the initial stage and immediately stop its development.

We conduct:

The cost of medical examination in the clinic in Nikolaev will be significantly less than the cost of treatment of advanced disease. Complete diagnostics of the body provides accurate information about the health status of the subject. The doctor, on the basis of the findings, makes a diagnosis, creates an effective treatment plan, or consults about preventive measures.

Indications for examination of the body

Even if you do not feel any ailments, it is advisable to check your health and undergo a complete examination of the body. This will help to detect hidden pathologies that have not yet made themselves felt.

General diagnostics includes the examination with various specialists of “ON Clinic Nikolaev”. Based on the received medical data, the doctor will be able to consult. Examination of the body is the best investment in your health, which is compensated to the full extent.

How are medical examinations conducted in “ON Clinic”?

One day before the examination, you need to stop drinking alcohol and overeating. Analyzes are submitted on an empty stomach. The examination is conducted on the most modern equipment which enables to obtain very accurate results.

In the medical center “ON Clinic” the following diagnostic methods are used:

  • dermatoscopy;
  • folliculometry;
  • colposcopy;
  • dopplerography;
  • hysteroscopy;
  • biothesiometry;
  • gastroscopy;
  • vascular test;
  • rectoscopy and anoscopy;
  • colonoscopy.

Anyone can make an appointment with the doctor and undergo a qualified examination. The proctologist examines the patient using modern diagnostic video equipment. The dermatologist determines the qualitative condition of the moles with the help of dermatoscopy and removes in time the dangerous neoplasms. The endoscopist examines the condition of the colon wall with a video-colonoscope. Due to timely detection of diseases, experienced specialists of “ON Clinic” have saved lives for patients many times.

Do not wait for the disease to prevail. Make an appointment for an examination on the phone numbers around the clock at a time convenient for you. Fill out the form on the site and send the request right now!

Doctor of department of endoscopy

The cost of doctor endoscopy appointments in Nikolaev

Video gastroduodenoscopy
1650 uah
Urease test

Physicians of endoscopy department of ON Clinic Nikolaev

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