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Minimally invasive surgery is gaining popularity every day, and it is available in medical center "ON Clinic Cherkasy".

If you would like to avoid surgery on early stages of revealed disease, this variant will be perfect alternative of classic surgery.

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Surgery without anesthesia and scalpel is the base of this method. So called “mini-surgery” proceeds by means of gentle penetration through tissues or physiological openings of human body, and sometimes even without contact with human body. In case of increased skin sensitivity, local anesthesia is mainly used (on doctor`s order). 

Nowadays, radio-wave surgery is the most popular and gentle method. Warmth, expressed by radio-wave, removes new formations on skin, not damaging the health tissues. You can get rid of moles, warts, papillomas, as well as furuncles, lipomas in one session. As a result, you will not have to think, how to solve the problem of new formations of skin areas of sword-cuts and scars. Such surgical invasion is carried out on “Surgitron” device. Radio-wave of high frequency does not destroy tissues, but influence only on processed area, excluding their damage or infection of wound.

Main advantages of radio-wave therapy are the following:

  • no bleeding, no painful feelings;
  • session takes one hour, at average;
  • opportunity to live the clinics after procedure.

Experienced surgeons of "ON Clinic Cherkasy"will perform quality surgery with radio-wave after examination of the patient and anamnesis collection. Our surgery department is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment in order to make accurate diagnosis to the patient.

Radio-wave therapy on “Surgitron” device is contraindicated in following cases:

  • acute and chronic diseases;
  • malignant tumors;
  • blood diseases.

Make appointment to the doctor in "ON Clinic Cherkasy" by telephone or e-mail, specified on official website of clinics.

The services of surgery department:

  • primary appointment to surgeon, which includes visual examination of the patient, anamnesis collection (studying of medical history, results of analyses);
  • repeated consultation of surgeon during whole treatment period, at the end of it, or for prevention purposes;
  • autopsy of furuncle, paronychia, paranaricium, abscess, carbuncle, lymphadenitis, hydradenitis and other new formations;
  • excision of ingrown nail on upper and lower limbs;
  • removal of benign new formations of soft tissues of 1, 2 categories, with application of cosmetic suture (lipomas, fibromas, artheromas, hygromes);
  • suturing and removal of sutures.

Come to surgery department of "ON Clinic Cherkasy" to get rid of such cosmetic defects. Pre-appointment call will protect you from staying in a long queue, thus saving your time.

Consultation of surgeon is required in the following cases:

  • swell or pain in area of joints;
  • hematoma, carbuncle or furuncle;
  • stab, bite or cut wound on body, when human requires primary surgical processing of wound of 1, 2 categories (stab, bite, cut), and if it is required to remove the sutures.

Treatment in the clinic at first unpleasant symptoms (redness, itching or pain) will help to avoid complications.

For example, late drainage (of furuncle, paronychia, panaricium, abscess, carbuncle, lymphadenite, hydratenitis) may lead to suppuration, necrosis of skin or malignant tumors. You can make appointment to doctor today. Experienced doctors of "ON Clinic Cherkasy" provide effective conservative treatment of hematoma, they carry out surgical bandaging of 1, 2 categories of difficulty, they perform removal of cosmetic defects, including suturing (papilloma, nevus, hemangioma, keratoma) and even dissection of hematoma of 1, 2 level.

Call us to obtain preliminary consultation on performance techniques, for example, primary surgical treatment of maturated cyst of tailbone with drainage or another service and its price.

Parkhomovskyi Maksim Oleksandrovich
Parkhomovskyi Maksim Oleksandrovich
Doctor of department of surgery

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