Physiotherapy in Cherkasy

Many people know that physiotherapy has a beneficial effect on treatment of various diseases.

It is obligatory in rehabilitation after severe ailments and surgeries, and to support well-being.

We make:

Physiotherapy in gynecology allows women to get rid of gynecological diseases. They are indicated in case of herpes, adhesions of the fallopian tubes, disturbance of ovarian function and other diseases.

Physiotherapy in urology will help men with diagnoses, such as prostatitis, erectile dysfunction or inflammatory diseases. They improve metabolism, have anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect, remove swelling of the organs. 

Physiotherapy in dermatology contributes to effective treatment of skin, which is important for treatment of dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, red plaque, viral and other skin diseases.

Physiotherapy in proctology contributes to more fast treatment of external node thrombosis, internal hemorrhoids and rectal fissure.

"ON Clinic Cherkasy" is able not only to extend, but completely change our impressions about physiotherapeutic direction of medicine. This is because we use modern equipment for physiotherapy, and brand new medical technologies. Physiotherapeutic apparatus BTL, which combine the functions of magnet and laser therapy, ultrasound and electrophoresis, will help you to get rid of diseases in urologic, gynecologic, dermatologic and proctologic spheres

Dermatologists use modern narrow-band phototherapy, at which the rays effect only inflamed area and do not impact other parts of skin. Consult with doctors of our clinics and they will choose the most effective, fast and reliable way of solution. 

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