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Trichology is a new direction in medicine, formed on the basis of dermatology.

Trichology studies the structure and physiology of the hair and hair-covering of the scalp, covers issues related to the diagnostics, pathogenesis and treatment of diseases of the hair and scalp, and a specialist in this area is a trichologist.

We treat:

Trichologists at "ON Clinic Cherkasy" provide advice, conduct examinations, diagnose and prescribe the treatment of the following diseases:

In their daily practice, our specialists apply modern research methods and procedures to restore and maintain healthy hair and scalp of the hairy part of the head. Understanding the mechanisms that lead to hair loss and the development of pathological processes in the epidermis of the head, allows us to quickly and effectively identify the cause of the disease and cure the patient.

Hair loss in men and women is not only an aesthetic problem, it reflects irregularities in the functioning of the body and may indicate the presence of an inflammatory process. Thus, the presence of seborrhea may indicate dysbacteriosis and reduced immunity in patients of both sexes, and hair loss in women serves as a signal of failures in the field of endocrinology.

To provide the most effective care, the multidisciplinary doctors of our clinic work in close cooperation and consultations of adjacent specialists are available to our patients.

Signs of the need to make an appointment with the trichologist of the "ON Clinic Cherkasy" clinic are:

  • peeling of the scalp;
  • itching and dandruff;
  • scalp inflammation;
  • increased or focal hair loss;
  • oily scalp;
  • hair breakage, etc.

How is the treatment of hair and scalp in "ON Clinic Cherkasy"?

Hair treatment, as well as a scalp treatment, is impossible without ascertaining the causes of the problem and making an accurate diagnosis. In our clinic, after collecting patient complaints and his family history, we conduct a digital examination using a computer trichoscope.

This study allows to assess the condition of all hair structures:

  • hair root (bulb);
  • hair follicle (follicle);
  • sebaceous gland.

No special training is required for examination by a trichologist. The only thing you need is to wash your hair the day before the consultation and not to use any cosmetic hair care products.

The next step is to develop an individual course of therapy. We strongly recommend not to self-medicate and not to apply questionable folk treatment recipes, as this can significantly accelerate the progression of the disease and delay the desired restoration of health.

Appointments of a qualified trichologist most often include a combination of therapies, including: medication, physiotherapy, and correction of the patient's lifestyle.

Prevention of hair and scalp diseases

No less significant stage of therapy is the prevention of recurrence of hair and scalp diseases. Therefore, for our patients, we are preparing a program for daily care and prevention of injury, dryness of the epidermis of the head and hair breakage, activation of the scalp fungus and the occurrence of an inflammatory reaction.

Doctor of department of trichology

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