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To date, the incidence of diseases in the field of Otolaryngology, or the ENT in abbreviated form, is steadily growing, according to WHO statistics, in the last decade only the occurrence of sinusitis has increased by 20%.

Also, since the diagnostiсs and elimination of the consequences of untreated ARVI and other seasonal diseases are included in the scope of ENT pathologies, the importance of preventive examination by a specialist doctor is beyond doubt.

We treat:

What diseases are treated by ENT?

The list of ENT organs includes ear, throat, and nose, which are in close anatomical and physiological interaction, therefore the specialized professional - the ear-nose-throat specialist focused on diagnostics, course and complex therapy of pathologies arising in their structures.

The ear-nose-throat specialist provides medical assistance in the development of infectious or inflammatory pathological processes in the following:

  • ear (otitis, mesotympanitis, etc.);
  • throat (pharyngitis, laryngitis, etc.);
  • nose (congenital pathologies, injuries, rhinitis, sinusitis, polyps, etc.);
  • genyantrum, frontal and maxillary sinuses (genyantritis, frontal sinusitis, etc.);
  • tonsils (tonsillitis, sore throat, etc.);
  • bronchi (bronchitis, fungal infections, etc.).

In addition, he conducts planned and preventive examinations, heals trauma, stomatitis, removes cerumen impaction, neoplasms on tonsils, soft palate, uvula, and extracts foreign objects from the ENT organs (especially in young children).

How is the examination at the ear-nose-throat specialist performed?

The examination by the ear-nose-throat specialist at the primary stage includes the intake of history and patient complaints, a visual examination to determine the characteristics of breathing and the presence of facial asymmetry, and palpation to assess sensitivity and detection of induration.

The next stage of examination of the condition and functioning of ENT organs is the prescription and conduct of special analyzes (for example, blood and another biomaterial), and surveys.

The most informative diagnostic methods in otolaryngology are the following:

  • endoscopy (examination of organs with a spherical mirror and light source);
  • rhinoscopy (internal examination of nasal cavities with the use of an expanding mirror);
  • X-ray (to detect congestion of mucus or pus, neoplasms, or foreign bodies).

To clarify the clinical picture, the following measures can be prescribed: tomography, puncture collection of the material with subsequent culturing, thermography (search for inflammatory foci, it is especially recommended for children and women during pregnancy) and diaphanoscopy (method of detecting cysts and tumors in the nasal sinuses).

Given the prevalence and high incidence of ENT diseases, as well as the seriousness of their complications (up to the inflammation of the meninges), we strongly recommend not to ignore the signs of a possible disease and necessarily visit the doctor. You can contact your family doctor for an appointment with ENT specialist, or make an appointment with the ear-nose-throat specialist directly in our clinic.

Clinical symptoms of the development of the pathological process include the following:

  • disorder of nasal breathing and thick discharge from the nose;
  • discomfort and pain in the area of the nose, eyes or upper jaw;
  • swelling of the soft tissues of the face;
  • pain in the throat, ears;
  • increase in local lymph nodes;
  • hearing loss, etc.

In the clinic "ON Clinic Cherkasy" we provide our patients with a wide range of medical services in the field of otolaryngology: from the establishment of an accurate diagnosis to the development of an effective individual treatment regimen and disease prevention. To make an appointment with a doctor in the city of Cherkassy, you can leave a request on the site or call us at the phone number.

Opanasenko Tatiana Sergeevna
Opanasenko Tatiana Sergeevna
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